Thursday, April 28, 2011

Awkward and Awesome!

-The girl on America's Next Top Model who said, "We were born with a natural ability to walk!"... I guess thats why she is modeing.
-When Shawna and I both checked our teeth for food in a WINDOW... there were totally people sitting on the OTHER SIDE.
-The license plate I saw that said "FYR JIM"... and I couldn't tell if they were trying to say "for jim" or "fire jim" I guess I will never know...
-Licking envelopes... Yum... adhesive.
-Stinky toe shoe man was at the gym this week stinkin' it up... I think I will nickname him "Mr. Bumble" because he just sort of "bumbles around." And we had a patient come on with those ugly toe shoes... I guess guys think they are cool...?
-The Grey's Anatomy musical episode.

-The fact that I make people say please and thank you (although I think I am the only one who thinks this is awesome haha). This rude lady today DEMANDED that I move my car forward RIGHT after I got out of it... I look at her and said, "You can say "please" and THEN I will move my car"... she said please :-)
-That English people wear fantastic hats. I want to wear hats too!!!!!
-Lunch with Shawna today! I just love her!
-The cupcake book Shawna gave me :-)
-Vacation is hheeeeeeere!
-Packing my entire swimwear drawer :-)
-Did I mention its vacation time??? Or I am taking a "Holiday" as they say in England?
-ROYAL WEDDING!!!!!!!! Um its basically in a FEW HOURS!!!!!

EEEKKK! There are just too many things to be excited about today :-) Tomorrow will be my last post for awhile!

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