Thursday, April 21, 2011

Awkward and Awesome!

Hello friends! Ready!?!?!?!?.....

-The time that guy at work called us "money hungry turkey's"
-The fact that they bring donuts and SODA to the gyms... I guess its what we call "job security"
-One of the sister missionaries in our ward gave me her glasses to have my mom fix... like a MONTH ago... and I totally forgot to give them back to her... and she was supposed to come by tonight to pick them up... and I totally forgot... and I wasn't home... Nice one Whit.
-The word "stoked"... does anyone else think this word sounds like a major medical condition...????
-Coming back from the gym and finding CANDY on my desk at work (thanks Lisa hehe)
-Cat's with diabetes
-And the Pièce de résistance of my awkwards this week... this overweight dude at the gym who was wearing a WIFE BEATER, SPANDEX shorts that gave him the biggest muffin top I have EVER seen (that also allowed his hairy butt crack to peek out...TMI I know sorry) AND he had these little stinky babies on his feet....

He came to the gym 3 times this week and wore no socks... And I had to do the circuit's behind him... I rest my awkward case.

-My husband... even more awesome? Checkin' him out when he doesn't know it ;-) hehe
-Tomorrow we find out if/when/where we are moving!
-Week 5 of Jillians 6 week 6 pack! (stay tuned for a product review next week when I finish)
-Royal wedding is only a week away!!!!!!!
-My new baby nephew will be here in a week!!!!!!
-Drive-in tomorrow with Shawna and Garrett!
-Tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!
-Easter weekend
-And... VACATION is seriously only DAYS away!

Can't wait!!!!!!

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