Thursday, April 14, 2011

Awkward and Awesome

-Devin is having a "man night" tonight. Going flying with a bunch of guys and watching rockets launch... he says "you can come... if you WANT to." Don't worry love I get the hint.
-As he was leaving tonight he said, "my hands smell like salmon and blueberries! I hope I don't see a bear tonight." We had salmon for dinner and we have blueberry soap... and its VERY likely that husband will run into a bear up in the sky tonight ;-)
-When your stomach rumbles LOUDLY during church.
-Competitive food eaters. That just looks uncomfortable.
-Finding a fantastic bathing suit online and WANTING it SOOOO badly! Then you go to check out and you find out its out of stock.. Boo.
-That time I went to Sephora and the girl there did my eye in a "smokey" eye and I bought ALL the products she used on me. When I came home Devin said, "Um, why do you have black eyes?" Needless to say I returned the products... but of course the girl that sold me the products is the one who returned them and I had to explain WHY I no longer wanted them...
-Engagement photo's. (most of them anyway). I know I FELT awkward taking ours...

I have BLUE toes. I am FAT. Not a fan.

-Royal wedding is 2 weeks away!
-Dev has another fancy dinner thingy and I get to get all dolled up again.
-Vacation is getting SOOOOOOOO close!
-Week 4 of Jillian's 6 week 6 pack.
-Watching Paula Dean cook while cooking...
-Healthy, fresh, delicious food... mmmhmmm.
-Tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!!!!!!

Pineapple plantation. And us being dorks as usual...


Diane's Photography said...

Devin thinks you're beautiful Whitney! I saw the way he looked at you during your engagement photoshoot and the way he still looks at you. He thinks you're the best woman ever!!! It makes me smile when I see the two of you together! and so glad you found someone like Devin! That is sooo sweet :p (I love seeing my kids happy)

Danielle Abeyta said...

Omg! So I was at Michaels the other day and they have the royal wedding rings!!! Sooo funny. The side of the box stated "no prince required."