Thursday, April 7, 2011

Awkward and Awesome!

Ah, Thursday.... my dear old friend... How I have missed you.


-The fact that I just googled AND looked through almost all of the church directory to see who my missed call was from. Devin said, "Guess it wasn't that important, they didn't leave you a message."
-That time at work when I couldn't figure out how to work the water cooler (for about 2 weeks). Finally Emily showed me that you have to PUSH the button and THEN pull down to get the water to come out.
-When your body wash is almost empty and you are showering at the gym and the locker room is full of girls and your body wash container makes that "poot" sound because (duh) its almost empty and you SWEAR to the people in the locker room that it was your body wash... SURE it was...
-Being the ONLY person in spin class today... "ok everyone... uh...whit... let climb!"
-That shabby apple dress that I bought looked and fit NOTHING like how the picture made it out to be... BOO!
-Trying to figure out whether a person is a boy or a girl... and you really can't tell either way. (sorry if my example picture offends anyone... I'm just sayin' LOOK at the picture! If you didn't know it was a boy it would be hard to tell right?)


-Getting a letter in the mail from one of my BFF's who is on a mission.
-My text convo with my other BFF. Me "Why am I so impatient with people?" BF "Because they are retards for being annoying. HAHAHA your not impatient people just do stupid things." AMEN!
-How loving hubby is being tonight... Mmmhmmm.
-Hanging out with Shawna and Garrett tomorrow. We just LOVE them!
-My new snowboard bag hubby suprised me with... its PINK.
-Tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!!
-Lucy's new hiking boots! Check out the way she walks in them below... Seriously its sooo funny!

Please ignore our unclean loft. I swear there are days my house is clean.

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Lopenhagen said...

had a good giggle at your adorable puppy in boots. So cute!