Sunday, April 17, 2011


My last post was my "100th" post so today is my "101" Therefore, I would like to introduce you to some Whitney's weekend 101's (don't worry there aren't 101. This is like drivers ed 101, basic stuff, ya know).

1. Beach 101:
-If you decide to go to the DOG BEACH, expect there to be DOGS there.

-I understand that its good to have confidence, but please don't offend other's eyes by wearing teeny bathing suits. The only people who should be showin' their bellies are those who DON'T have them.

-Its totally NORMAL to have cellulite... Suck THAT plastic surgeons.

-If you are going to be outside... wear sunscreen... Yesterday I didn't and know I am sorry. I even have a "tan line" where my headband was... SHEESH!

2. Sushi 101:
-If you are going to order teriyaki chicken, you are waisting the experience.
-Order something fried AND something fresh.

-Sit at the bar because they serve you faster.

-If you are a beginner, its OK to eat only california rolls and use the "cheater" chopstix.

3. Fro-yo 101:
-If they don't have your favorite topping... ASK FOR IT! They will find it for you
-Try new flavors and combos. Who KNEW that lemon and fruity pebbles could be so fantastic?

-Don't share (haha) because that way you have 2 yummy options to eat.
-Just because its fro-yo doesn't mean its healthier... especially if you add tons of fatty stuff on top (just sayin')

4. Getting dressed for church 101:
-If you have been sick the whole week, black is your best friend.

-Black and brown DO go together... I promise

-Pencil skirts and cardi's are "go-to" items

-Dresses are a one stop shop easy peasy outfits.

-Let your husband (or boyfriend, or whatever) help choose your shoes... that way they feel they have a part in your look (and they are more likely to compliment you on it hehe)

Skirt: Gap. Tank: Downeast basics. Cardi: JCrew. Belt: Express. Shoes: Steve Madden. Sunglasses: Ralph Lauren.

And that concludes my 101's. This weekend I was still feeling sicky (as evidence in my yucky face-ness) but we still had fun. We went to the dog beach in Avila and there was this girl that kept getting all "eww gross" about there being dogs then don't go to the DOG beach. And I totally felt normal for having cellulite. And we got to hang with our friends Luke and Amber and their little man Blake and Lu got to play with Daisy.

We took a nap and had dinner at Yanagi's and had fro-yo for dessert. Church was good but after was better. We went to a baptism of a little man that Dev and I taught in Sunday school right after we got engaged and it was so amazing- made my entire day. The End.

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