Friday, April 29, 2011

Ode to Prince William

Dear Prince William,

As I watch you marry Kate Middleton right now, I know its for the best. You were my first love (sigh) but alas It would have never worked out between us... And besides, I got married FIRST (so HAHA!!!).


These were the days when I was convinced I would move to England one day and you would fall madly in love with me and I would become a princess. I wrote letters to you at Buckingham palace (seriously) and yet I never received a reply. I had a poster of you in my room, and an entire book about you that I would read over and over again. But I gave you up for a better man (sorry! I know you're a prince and all...) You were cuter in your younger days... that bald spot is getting bigger by the minute so its a good thing you chose to get married now. If I had to give you up to anyone... I'm glad its Kate :-) She is stylish, graceful, good mannered... and a BRUNETTE!

Perhaps one day you and Kate and Devin and I could be friends. After all... You're a pilot, hubby is a pilot, and Kate and I could basically be BFF's and share clothes. So for now, that is my new dream... that we will all become BFF's some day. Sound good?

And now I have stayed up WELL past my bedtime to watch this blessed event and its everything I hoped it would be :-)

My wedding predictions:
Kate would wear a long sleeve dress, reminiscent of Grace Kelly's. No tiara arriving at the Abbey but leaving with one on. Large bouquet of flowers. Hair up.

What she actually wore:
A long sleeve Sarah Burton dresses VERY reminiscent of Grace Kelly's :-). TIARA! Small bouquet. Hair 1/2 up 1/2 down.

I don't think I can stay up any longer... Afterall... I have to get back to living my OWN fairytale :-) Wills and Kate... good luck with yours!


P.S. Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip are the cutest couple!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Awkward and Awesome!

-The girl on America's Next Top Model who said, "We were born with a natural ability to walk!"... I guess thats why she is modeing.
-When Shawna and I both checked our teeth for food in a WINDOW... there were totally people sitting on the OTHER SIDE.
-The license plate I saw that said "FYR JIM"... and I couldn't tell if they were trying to say "for jim" or "fire jim" I guess I will never know...
-Licking envelopes... Yum... adhesive.
-Stinky toe shoe man was at the gym this week stinkin' it up... I think I will nickname him "Mr. Bumble" because he just sort of "bumbles around." And we had a patient come on with those ugly toe shoes... I guess guys think they are cool...?
-The Grey's Anatomy musical episode.

-The fact that I make people say please and thank you (although I think I am the only one who thinks this is awesome haha). This rude lady today DEMANDED that I move my car forward RIGHT after I got out of it... I look at her and said, "You can say "please" and THEN I will move my car"... she said please :-)
-That English people wear fantastic hats. I want to wear hats too!!!!!
-Lunch with Shawna today! I just love her!
-The cupcake book Shawna gave me :-)
-Vacation is hheeeeeeere!
-Packing my entire swimwear drawer :-)
-Did I mention its vacation time??? Or I am taking a "Holiday" as they say in England?
-ROYAL WEDDING!!!!!!!! Um its basically in a FEW HOURS!!!!!

EEEKKK! There are just too many things to be excited about today :-) Tomorrow will be my last post for awhile!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Jillian Michael's 6 week 6 pack

You asked for it!!! So here it is...

My 6 week 6 pack product review. I will NOT be posting before and after photos because of the creeper/privacy issues I have been having BUT none-the-less I will give my opinion :-)

Time commitment: 30 mintues, 5 days a week.
Levels: 1 & 2 with beginner and avdanced modifications.
Items needed: Mat, weight (3-5 lbs)

Let me just start off by saying I LOVE Jillians Michaels. I not-so-secretly want to be  like her. This workout, although only 30 minutes a day, is HARD.

You start out with level 1 for 3 weeks. Its ALL circuit training. You go through each exercise twice. Level 1 is mostly strength training exercises (mostly MAT work) with a little bit of cardio mixed in.

Level 2 it LOTS of "shredding" exercises... twists, planks and things like that. I think you get on our mat a whopping 2 times the whole workout. So its a lot of standing ab exercises. And its A LOT harder than level 1.

Overall I really enjoyed doing this workout. I usually fit Jillian in in the morning before work or after I got home. ALSO Jillian was mostly my 2nd workout of the day. I did her workout 3-4 times a week (which obviously wasn't what was recommended) but I worked out 4-5 times a week in addition to her workouts... It was basically an addition to my normal routine in order to tone up before Hawaii.

I would count this as a successful purchase because husband said, "You've never looked better!" Well worth the money for that nice little compliment ;-)

My stats-
Weight gained: None
Weight loss: 2 lbs
Weeks doing the workout: 6
Overall tone: Improved
Nutrition: Increased protein intake (holiday's were detrimental to this)
Dress size: Solid 4. Although last time I went to JCrew (2 weeks ago) I fit in to a size 2!?!??!?

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


(Oh Kim Kardashian. Your hair, make-up, rockin' bod, and fashion sense make me heart you)

Have you heard a more fantastic word today than that!?!? My friend Noelle got an order from this company today and posted a picture and just from the NAME I knew I had to check it out! Not ENTIRELY sure I will be purchasing from them because they charge your credit card a whoping $40 each month whether or not you buy something BUT I am super excited about my "style profile" quiz thingy that I did. You see... lately I have been wondering what EXACTLY to define MY style as... and I think ShoeDazzle hit the nail on the head....

My style is. Refined. Cultured. Classic.

Aren't those words FABULOUS!? I love them :-) Especially CLASSIC.

According to ShoeDazzle....
"Your sense of style is absolutely classic, and equally classy. You are polished and put-together, and sometimes a little bit preppy (DUH!). You're drawn to equestrian influences and nautical styling, and even when you're casually dressed, your look is very considered. If you were a shoe, you'd be a saddle leather riding boot with brass, bridle- inspired hardware."

And GUESS what are sittin' in my closet at this VERY moment...

Saddle leather riding boots with brass, bridle-inspired hardware.

Its weird when a "quiz" can pin-point you... Needless to say I recommend taking this "fashion survey" becuase it certainly has me pinned :-)

Go HERE to test yours!!!!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Weekend!

Hello dear ones... miss me much? Nah didn't think so :-) BUT here is what I was up to this weekend.... (get ready for a long post... sorry!)

WOOOOOOOORK... but only in the A.M. After I decided to adventure to Forever 21... and I have a confession- I have NEVER bought anything at Forever 21 (I KNOW! CRAZY!) and I Friday I learned that I probably never will. The clothing is cheap (which I guess is the basis of its appeal) the store is horribly organized, the fitting rooms are always packed, and I end up just feeling frustrated and overwhelmed and then I leave... this has happened about 8 times. Luckily Old Navy made me feel better (I hadn't bought anything THERE in about 4 years). My amazing hubby took my mommy and I out on a date that night :-) We had dinner at Mo's BBQ (good bye Hawaii fitness)

And guess what the Easter bunny brought me??? TANGLED! And...

Glasses that match my Mom AND my sister's :-) (nicole miller)

Then hubby took us girls to see this movie....

It was good... except I wasn't really feelin' it between R.Pat and Reese. August was AMAZING and Rosie made me want a pet elephant.

Mostly ran errands... OOO I ran in to my friend Kirsi at Macy's and that was a nice little surprise to my day! But that night we had some cute friends over for dinner and egg coloring... and I have no pictures... because I suck... sorry.

Husband wasn't a big fan of my Easter outfit... and frankly neither was I because I was having an "I feel fat" day...

Skirt and sweater: JCrew. Pink T: Downeast basics. Shoes: Madden Girl

And because he is the cutest... hubby's outfit stats. Shirt: American Eagle. Tie: Dillards. Slacks: Gap. Shoes: Coach. Belt: I don't know... sorry haha

We made an egg hunt for our Sunday school kids (they are attitude prone teenagers so who knows if they appreciated it or not but we had fun) and we got them the CUTEST cake pops from my friend Danielle... check out her blog HERE and they were fantastic!

Then we went and had Easter dinner with my family.

 My mom and Paula Dean should be best friends. Can you tell we are related???

 Then we went to the Easter Cantata that our church was hosting (mom played the organ and she was amazing)... And then we came home and Devin's cuddled me :-) because he loves me.

Happy Easter!!!

PS After this Thursday or Friday I won't be posting for 2 weeks... just a heads up. Don't think I am abandoning you my loyal followers :-) Just going on Holiday.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Awkward and Awesome!

Hello friends! Ready!?!?!?!?.....

-The time that guy at work called us "money hungry turkey's"
-The fact that they bring donuts and SODA to the gyms... I guess its what we call "job security"
-One of the sister missionaries in our ward gave me her glasses to have my mom fix... like a MONTH ago... and I totally forgot to give them back to her... and she was supposed to come by tonight to pick them up... and I totally forgot... and I wasn't home... Nice one Whit.
-The word "stoked"... does anyone else think this word sounds like a major medical condition...????
-Coming back from the gym and finding CANDY on my desk at work (thanks Lisa hehe)
-Cat's with diabetes
-And the Pièce de résistance of my awkwards this week... this overweight dude at the gym who was wearing a WIFE BEATER, SPANDEX shorts that gave him the biggest muffin top I have EVER seen (that also allowed his hairy butt crack to peek out...TMI I know sorry) AND he had these little stinky babies on his feet....

He came to the gym 3 times this week and wore no socks... And I had to do the circuit's behind him... I rest my awkward case.

-My husband... even more awesome? Checkin' him out when he doesn't know it ;-) hehe
-Tomorrow we find out if/when/where we are moving!
-Week 5 of Jillians 6 week 6 pack! (stay tuned for a product review next week when I finish)
-Royal wedding is only a week away!!!!!!!
-My new baby nephew will be here in a week!!!!!!
-Drive-in tomorrow with Shawna and Garrett!
-Tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!
-Easter weekend
-And... VACATION is seriously only DAYS away!

Can't wait!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Today I have been thinking....

About SHOES!!! Duh, what else right? Well today I was thinking about FAVORITE shoes. So I asked my friends on facebook what their favorites were. It was super to fun to read their answers... but it got me to thinking about what my favorites are... and I decided that my favorite shoes are "situational" if that makes sense.... ya know... like my favorite pair of shoes depends on the situation...?... With me so far? So here are some of my favorites....

1. Everyday work/wear with scrubs.
Because they are PINK, comfy, and go with most of my scrub-a-dub-dubs. What IS embarrassing is one time when I worked at a pre-school this little 4 year old said "Miss Whitney we have the SAME SHOES!!!" Meh- whatever...


Truebalance by Newbalance. You really are only supposed to wear these when you walk... but they are even more awesome when you wear them to work out. My calves and boo-tay are thanking me.

3. Weekend casual

Black Rainbow flippers. Because I live in California and flip-flops are acceptable... EXCEPT for weddings, church and any other more formal occasion.


Pink Sparkle Toms, because they are awesome.

4. Date night shoes (depending on where we are going but let's assume its somewhere nice)

Jessica Simpson heels. Black, high... need I say more?

5. Fancy schmancy occasion (which doesn't happen all that often for me)

You knew I was going to put these up huh? Hehehe... I just can't help myself... they are fabulous.

Sunday, April 17, 2011


My last post was my "100th" post so today is my "101" Therefore, I would like to introduce you to some Whitney's weekend 101's (don't worry there aren't 101. This is like drivers ed 101, basic stuff, ya know).

1. Beach 101:
-If you decide to go to the DOG BEACH, expect there to be DOGS there.

-I understand that its good to have confidence, but please don't offend other's eyes by wearing teeny bathing suits. The only people who should be showin' their bellies are those who DON'T have them.

-Its totally NORMAL to have cellulite... Suck THAT plastic surgeons.

-If you are going to be outside... wear sunscreen... Yesterday I didn't and know I am sorry. I even have a "tan line" where my headband was... SHEESH!

2. Sushi 101:
-If you are going to order teriyaki chicken, you are waisting the experience.
-Order something fried AND something fresh.

-Sit at the bar because they serve you faster.

-If you are a beginner, its OK to eat only california rolls and use the "cheater" chopstix.

3. Fro-yo 101:
-If they don't have your favorite topping... ASK FOR IT! They will find it for you
-Try new flavors and combos. Who KNEW that lemon and fruity pebbles could be so fantastic?

-Don't share (haha) because that way you have 2 yummy options to eat.
-Just because its fro-yo doesn't mean its healthier... especially if you add tons of fatty stuff on top (just sayin')

4. Getting dressed for church 101:
-If you have been sick the whole week, black is your best friend.

-Black and brown DO go together... I promise

-Pencil skirts and cardi's are "go-to" items

-Dresses are a one stop shop easy peasy outfits.

-Let your husband (or boyfriend, or whatever) help choose your shoes... that way they feel they have a part in your look (and they are more likely to compliment you on it hehe)

Skirt: Gap. Tank: Downeast basics. Cardi: JCrew. Belt: Express. Shoes: Steve Madden. Sunglasses: Ralph Lauren.

And that concludes my 101's. This weekend I was still feeling sicky (as evidence in my yucky face-ness) but we still had fun. We went to the dog beach in Avila and there was this girl that kept getting all "eww gross" about there being dogs then don't go to the DOG beach. And I totally felt normal for having cellulite. And we got to hang with our friends Luke and Amber and their little man Blake and Lu got to play with Daisy.

We took a nap and had dinner at Yanagi's and had fro-yo for dessert. Church was good but after was better. We went to a baptism of a little man that Dev and I taught in Sunday school right after we got engaged and it was so amazing- made my entire day. The End.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Awkward and Awesome

-Devin is having a "man night" tonight. Going flying with a bunch of guys and watching rockets launch... he says "you can come... if you WANT to." Don't worry love I get the hint.
-As he was leaving tonight he said, "my hands smell like salmon and blueberries! I hope I don't see a bear tonight." We had salmon for dinner and we have blueberry soap... and its VERY likely that husband will run into a bear up in the sky tonight ;-)
-When your stomach rumbles LOUDLY during church.
-Competitive food eaters. That just looks uncomfortable.
-Finding a fantastic bathing suit online and WANTING it SOOOO badly! Then you go to check out and you find out its out of stock.. Boo.
-That time I went to Sephora and the girl there did my eye in a "smokey" eye and I bought ALL the products she used on me. When I came home Devin said, "Um, why do you have black eyes?" Needless to say I returned the products... but of course the girl that sold me the products is the one who returned them and I had to explain WHY I no longer wanted them...
-Engagement photo's. (most of them anyway). I know I FELT awkward taking ours...

I have BLUE toes. I am FAT. Not a fan.

-Royal wedding is 2 weeks away!
-Dev has another fancy dinner thingy and I get to get all dolled up again.
-Vacation is getting SOOOOOOOO close!
-Week 4 of Jillian's 6 week 6 pack.
-Watching Paula Dean cook while cooking...
-Healthy, fresh, delicious food... mmmhmmm.
-Tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!!!!!!

Pineapple plantation. And us being dorks as usual...

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Just call me big boo-tay

Today I felt icky... yucky... bleh. Luckily the sweet girls at work let me go home early... and I took a 3 1/2 hour nap. I was feeling bad about missin' my workout today UNTIL I came across this NIKE ad that I saw about 6 years ago in a magazine (and I completely forgot about it until today.)

If you can't read it very well it says...

My butt is big
and round like the letter C
and ten thousand lunges
have made it rounder
but not smaller
and that's just fine.
It's a space heater
for my side of the bed
It's my ambassador
to those who walk behind me
It's a border collie
that herds skinny women
away from the best deals
at clothing sales.
My butt is big
and that's just fine
and those who might scorn it
are invited to kiss it.
Just do it.

A-Freakin'-men. I was reminded to LOVE yourself, just as you are. The End.