Tuesday, March 22, 2011

When in Rome

Le Sigh. Haha I love that expression. My friend Kara used it the other day and I have decided to use it as well. What, might you ask, merit a "le sigh" on the only day this week it isn't raining?

I have been LUSTING over the new Rome Colletion (amongst other dresses)  at Shabby Apple since I pre-viewed it last Thursday. (I have yet to decide which one to get hence the le sigh friends)
.. wanna see some of my favorites???

This is the Casanova dress. Does it not just scream "WHITNEY BUY ME!?!?!" K well to me it does....

Gondola. PLEASE may we go to ROME now?

Statues? Fountain? Moped? Fab dress? Sold.

Check out more HERE

I love Shabby Apple because A. Their dresses are modest. B. Their dresses are CUTE and stylish and not frumpy (which is important to young girls trying to be modest) C. They are affordable.


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