Monday, March 14, 2011

Today. Was. Nuts. AKA my pitty party day

Trying to get your tooth fixed and going to the lawyer and cooking dinner and being a wife makes for a nutty day. Especially when the dentist has you come in to the office just to poke around on your broken tooth and tells you to come back when he has time to numb you. This = 2 drives in to work so far for the day. Then I left around 1 to go the the lawyer's office. This took a little longer than expected so I didn't get back to work until almost 3:30. Drive to work #3 for the day. Sheesh. This meant NO workout and basically soft food for the next couple days until my tooth gets fix.  Good things about this Monday? Hubby :-) As always!

He cleaned up from dinner, got me a Jamba Juice, and gave me some much needed listening time and love. I am the luckist girl. Ever.

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