Friday, March 11, 2011

Things that help me stay organized in the morning

When I have time I LOVE putting on make-up. But during the week I am frustrated when I don't have as much time because I spend any spare seconds snugglin' with my love. So, like most women (I hope) I do the "quick face" version on the weekdays. I can usually do my "quick face" in about 5 minutes. How? Here are somethings that keep me SANE whilst doing my makeup in the AM and they save me time.

Check out that sweet baby! Its a makeup organizer! I have had this since my dorm days and its been with me ever since. Everything is in a place and I know JUST where to find it! No searching through bags or drawers. I HIGHLY recommend them. Dev has been trying to talk me in to using a toolbox for my makeup. I told him it had to be PINK duh. Until then, this this is amazing.

Devin HATES this. He thinks its ugly. And frankly I'm not THAT fond of the patern. But I am in love with it function! Keeps my brushes from getting squished and I have easy access to them. Boo-yah. I got the idea from Sephora. Genius. I am going to upgrade to a small clear fishbowl with cute pink marbles very soon my friends :-)

On a side note: Today has just been nuts! We got woken up super early due to the earthquake in Japan and its just so crazy to think that had this happened 2 months later we would have been there. So thankful we weren't. My heart and prayers go out to those suffering today. To help remedy my sad mood I went to the coffee cove to grab some sandwiches for hubby and me.

It is the cutest little shop ever and the girls there are just so sweet! They make the BEST pumpkin hot chocolate and we love their jalapeno bagel sandwiches.

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