Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sunny, with a chance of bows

It did not rain today!!! After a week of almost solid rain, today was gorgeous.

This weekend has been super nice to just relax and love on my honey. Friday night we went and had dinner with our friends Shawna and Garrett. We had such a blast going on a walk, eating amazing food, and playing games. If Shawna starts a blog (HOPEFULLY SHE WILL!) You MUST follow her K? K :-D.

The yesterday we went and helped a boy in our ward with his eagle project. He held a bicycle safety course. We tooks our bikes and were prepared to show the little kids how it was done... until we saw the course... the bikes stayed in the truck haha. A local mother who lost her son while he was bike riding spoke. Find her husband's cross country bike ride HERE and support the cause of eliminating distracted driving.

And then for dinner we had the ever classy soup and grilled cheese. For dessert I made Shawna's "apple chrisp". It wasn't as good as hers but it was still fantastic! Maybe the apple chrisp recipe could be her first POST!?!?!?

Then my cute husband and I watched The Princess and the Frog! I giggled the whole time while this handsome man cuddle me :-) Today we went to church and the building smelt like rotten fish (GROSS!!!!) and Dev kept saying that one of the older ladies there looked like Barbara Bush... thanks for keeping me reverent love.
And how much are we loving my bun today? K well I am LOVIN' it because it was EASY! Just pony-tease-twist-pin-GO!

Outfit~ Button down and sweater: JCrew. Skirt: Express. Shoes: Jessica Simpson. Sunglasses: Lacoste. Bow belt: Stolen from my bridesmaids dresses (come on guy the outfit NEEDED something!)

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