Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sunday Funday

Did I ever tell you that hubby likes girl scout cookies?

K let me back up and say he LOVES girl scout cookies! He got very excited that they were selling them outside the grocery store yesterday. I think we are stocked for atleast a week. So we decided to come home and have a cookie party.

And we had popcorn too because we HAVE to have sweet AND salty.

Church was awkward. Too bad it isn't Thursday. I just don't fit in with the relief society crowd. And Relief Society is just painful to sit through as it is. But this is what I wore today.

Everything in this outfit is from the Gap... except the pink shoes are from Nine West. And I love this outfit. Something that bugs me about other blogs out there that blog about fashion is that they wear things that aren't "wearable" to me if that makes sense. I mean... THEY wear them and thats great! But I really love me a good pencil skirt, cardigan, and button up. Classic pieces that will last more than one season.  
So thats my tip of the day.... invest in pieces that are classic and will last.

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