Thursday, March 3, 2011

A late Awkward and Awesome

Why hello Thursday... weren't you just here???

-Coming back to work after being gone for 2 days. You expect me to do what!? Oh yeah its my job... duh
-Having a guy at the grocery store ask me how I do my french braid... I ended up drawing him a diagram... nice one Whit.
-Disneyland people (not me of course haha) but you know, the ones who are obsese and have disney jean jackets? Ya, THOSE people.
-The color pea green. Should that REALLY be a crayola crayon?
-The fact that I am asking myself these questions.

-My yodaesque comments to my bestfriend tonight... I feel so enlightened
-My BIRTHDAY (post to come... hopefully tomorrow!)
-My shopping day after my b-day!
-I went to 3 grocery stores tonight but we are stocked for the month!
-Tomorrow we are going to the Melodrama for my Dad's birthday
-Next week we are going skiing.
-Tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!!!

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