Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I'm dreamin' of a Saturday mornin'

I wish that tomorrow was Saturday... I actually wish this everyday BUT I am especially in the mood for some fantastic breakfast food. For my b-day my parents got me gift certificates to Kay's Country Kitchen it Orcutt.

(Thanks google for a sunny pic and random smiling peeps)

Last Saturday Hubby, Moms, and I went to Kay's for brunch. Doesn't brunch sound oh so sophisticated?

I ordered Chocolate milke becuase I ALWAYS do

Look at that happy Mamma!

My blueberry pancakes... MMMMMM

The spread w/ Happy Mamma again

And a happy hubby :-)

And a happy ME (My shirt looks like a PJ top but I swear its not... its JCrew hahaha)

Where is your favorite place to grab breakfast?

P.S. I wish I was having breakfast for dinner tonight... Alas enchiladas it is.

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Emily said...

BLUEBERRY PANCAKES!!! oh, the glory!!!! xoxo