Friday, March 4, 2011

Happy Birthday to ME!!!


I got to spend it at one of my most favorite places with my mum and hubs

Disney represents happiness to me. As a family we always celebrated happy things at disneyland... Which is why I love it. This is the cupcake I got at 7am :-)

I had a super emotional week leading up to my birthday. It was stressful and I spent alot of the time in tears. This was the perfect get away.

We ate breakfast a goofy's kitchen. Goofy was my bff! He kept pinching my cheeks and blowing me kisses. He even escorted me to my table. He also gave me 3 ridiculously tight/big hugs (dev was parking the car) I ALSO got to dance with Baloo!

We were doing the twist... this is us getting down... oh ya.

Pluto loves me too

But Cinderella was more interested in the hubs. Notice her leaning towards him? Ummm hmmmmm

My FAVORITE character at the breakfast was Pocahontas. I had her barbie when I was growing up... and she was awesome! Here is how our convo. went-

P: Wingapo!
W: Wingapo Pocahontas!
P: You make me feel right at home! Happy Birthday! Are you all from the same tribe?
W: Yes we are!
P: Now which village are you from?
W: San Luis Obispo
P: Oh I have heard of that village! How did you arrive here? Did you ride your fastest horse or did you take your canoe?
W: Oh we took our canoe, its been raining a lot lately.
P: Yes I know I have been doing my rain dance!
W: Its working!
P: (she takes my princess pen to sign my autograph book) Oh pink must be your favorite color of the wind. How old are you today?
W: 24!
P: My father become chief of his tribe at 24!
W: Wow he was a young cheif!
P: Yes and the bravest! Happy birthday!

At the next table I heard her say to a little girl, "You know I have a friend named John Smith...." She was AWESOME!

Off with their heads! She was sassy

Buzz! My nephew's would be so jealous

Love and I on the matterhorn

Princess Tiana

My mom is the best

I HAD to have the PINK teacup of course

My hubby and mom made sure I had the most amazing birthday. I got to eat breakfast with characters ( I highly recommend goofy's kitchen or the princess breakfast if you ever go), and ride all my favortie rides (mom did space mountain again!)
I also got to do some serious shopping on Tuesday :-) 24 might not be so bad after all.

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Em said...

oh whit! You are so darling- especially in these pics! You look so happy!