Monday, March 21, 2011

Giggles on a Monday

Since Thursday seems so far away right now...I am telling you 3 days early that you really should turn on the TV this day (unless you have strong moral objectives to it) Because its one of my favorite days to watch the telly lately. Why you ask?


Perfect couples. Watch it friends. I cry (because I'm laughing so hard) almost every Thursday night. Seriously its such a crack up. Check out the season 1 trailer HERE

Enjoy my friends

Oh and the dude that plays "Dave" in the trailer isn't the one who is in the actual show... FYI. I have no idea who the guy in the trailer is. He isn't "Dave" to me... Awkward he is even in the picture above. Hey! Double Thursday bonus on a Mopy Monday! Awkward: Weird non-Dave in the picture and movie trailer. Awesome: Fantasicly funny new show.

K I'm done now.

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