Sunday, March 20, 2011

Getting packages in the mail...

Is like Christmas to me. Even though I KNOW what I ordered it is still super exciting. So Friday after I went shopping with my madre, there was a big-brown-box waiting for me by the door. I squealed, clapped my hands, and invited my mom to come in and open it with me. Guess where this package was from!?!?!?

Eeek! I decided that ordering online is a lot safer (AKA cheaper for me) than going in to the store. I bought....

The Sephora paddle brush. I desperately needed a new brush! My hair is getting longer (I have decided not to chop it off just yet) and it get tangled easily. I read review after review and I still wasn't prepared to spend that kind of money on a brush... until I was in the locker room at the gym and guess who busts out this very same brush I had been lusting after? Yup, my friend Brandee. She raved about it and I was sold. $29 for a brush and worth every penny. Seriously. A+

I also bought these 2 nail polishes. The gold one is a top coat. I have gotten so many compliments on my nails (even from MEN! GASP!) Its like a party on your nails. The pink one is called "wardrobe change" and it is so fabulously ballet pink I can't get over it. $9.50. A+

Husband was begging me to get a new one of these. Obviously, I needed a new one. This is the Sephora brand eyelash curler and honestly its the best one I have used. $16 + 3 replacement pads (steal). It is the best! Devin tried it too (SHHHHH!) and he liked it as well. A+

This is the best hand lotion I have used. Ever. I have been using this lotion since I was about 12. My hands tend to get VERY dry and this little baby does the trick. I got a 3 oz bottle and a 1oz bottle for $22. A++

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Ramsey said...

Gah! Sephora is sooo great! I love ours!