Sunday, March 6, 2011

Friday night

We celebrated my Dad's b-day. The plan was to go and at at Old Juan's Cantina and then go to the Melodrama.... however.... on our way to Old Juans Randy (aka Dad at times when he isn't annoying me) decided that he wanted to a certain Sushi hole in the wall. And honestly I HATED that place- Yes hate is a strong word but we waited for over an hour for our food, the pieces were too big to put in your mouth (cut rolls), prices were too high, fish wasn't fresh and the service was terrible. All of these things I was aware of prior to us going there but Randy wanted to go- so we went.... and I was annoyed... because I paid for dinner. UGH! So let me just throw it out that if you want to go have sushi here on the central coast P.L.E.A.S.E go to Yanagi's. They have multiple locations, fair prices, fast service, and FABULOUS rolls!

K I am getting off of my Sushi soap box...

We did go to the melodrama and the actual play was super fun. It was called under the board walk.

Its about clams who fall in love with Seagulls. I swear its cute!!!! I really could have done without the vaudeville this time around... the play was way funnier.

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