Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Confessions of a 24 year old

1. I hate watermelon. Any kind of melon really. It tastes like weird, hard, sweet water. Dislike.

2. I also hate greenbeans. My family say's I don't belong to them. I feel like I am in "Green Eggs and Ham" (I will not eat them in a box, I will not eat them with a fox) AKA I will not eat them from a can, I will not eat them with bacon. I will not eat them PERIOD.

3. The heaviest I have ever been was when I was 14. I weighed 152lbs between Feshman and Sophomore year of HS. The smallest I have been was 118 Junior year after running track.

4. I was a cheerleader. Yup. And the other day Dev and I watched nationals @Disneyworld on ESPN.

5. I will NEVER be too old for Disneyland

6. I used to be SHY.... can you even believe that?

7. My 5th birthday was at Chucky Cheese. I never went back.

8. I never used to wear heel's until I was about 19. I was one of THOSE people who worse converse to Prom. The first time I put them on I thought "WHAT have I been MISSING!?"

9. I believe in being Stacy and Clinton APPROVED. One time I was watching "What not to Wear" and one of the ladies they were making over was wearing a dress that I OWNED and Stacy HATED it (shapeless, baglike). I threw it out that same day.

10. Pride and Prejudice will always be a "go to" read for me.

11. I have learned that I will never be a size 2.

12. I have also learned that just becuase you CAN fit in to something doesn't mean you should WEAR it. Muffin tops are only good on MUFFINS. Just sayin'

13. Sometimes I need to talk to my mom and ALL of my sisters in the same sitting to hear what they have to say.

14. My husband will be forever cooler than I am.... he fly's planes... and that is AWESOME.

15. Sometimes I feel baby hungry... when I see cute babies being all cute and snuggly. THEN I hear them cry and that feeling leave VERY quickly. Nieces and nephews are great.

16. If I don't go to PA school sometime in the very near future I feel like I might burst. I have wanted to be a doctor since I was 5.

17. I am addicted to dark chocolate pretzel slims from trader joe's. And fresh baked bread.

18. I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and I would rather you ask questions about my religion than make assumptions like we have horns... which we DON'T by the way.

19. I have to buy something from Lush each time I go there. This last time it was "big" shampoo and brazened honey fresh face mask.

20. Even though hubby and I are beyond the whole "thinking the other person is perfect" phase I still think he is :-)

21. Hawaii is one of my favorite places to visit but I wouldn't want to live there. I think I would get cabin fever.

22. I am afraid of the skii lift.

23. Chocolate should be a food group. End of discussion.

24. I am a sucker for cuddles, kisses, soft blankets, and a big toasted bagel in the mornings.

And there are a lot more things I could confess but I think 24 for 24 year is good enough for now :-)

I am getting very very excited for our vacay this year. Looks like we might be making a stop here

EEEK! I am just squealing in delight! We are doing the airforce "space availalbe" flights like we did last year for Hawaii. This year we are hoping the route goes something like this:

-Guam (maybe)
-Hawaii or Alaska

YAY the passport finally gets to be used! We really wanted to go to Samoa and Australia but there aren't enough fights out of Travis AFB to ensure we would get there but there are tons of flights to Japan. And I think it will be amazing.

The End!

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Diane's Photography said...

your 24 confessions are the reason you are one of my Best friends! I love our friendship!
Happy Birthday :D