Sunday, March 13, 2011

China Peak

Guess where we went yesterday? K well I already told you but we went to the SNOW!
In case you didin't know... Devin is into skiing... and I board.... Oh yeah.

We joke that our children will have to decide who they "love" more... AKA do they want to skii or boad? Actually I want our chillens to skii. Its more refined I think.

It was a GORGEOUS day! It was seriously hot there I wanted to put on my bathing suit. K maybe not that hot but still.

I went to snow school (haha) and I learned how to link my turns! BOO YAH! I was doing so dang good and then BAM! I had a super hard fall on my boo-tay and hurt my hip really bad. I didn't go up anymore...

I DID go hang out at the lodge while hubby demo'd some super sweet 2012 solomon skiis. There was this girl there and I immediately knew we would be friends. How? Because 1. We have the same UGG boot. 2. She had a STACK of US Weekly. 3. She was wearing PINK. Kindered no? :-) She let me read her magazines and we talked shoes until Devin found me.

I REALLY want to go back in a few weeks before the snow melts because I was bomb before I bombed. Just need to let my hip repair.
All in all it was a fabulous weekend get away. Even though I broke my tooth (YIKES!) before we got there and I got hurt I want to go back RIGHT NOW :-)

And I wish I did awkward's and awesome's on Sundays right now because I have some good ones from the trip but you will just have to wait... Muah hahaha (that was an evil laugh... kinda)

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Emily said...

tres romatique! I am incredibly jealous that you went to the snow and are so photogenic! Lucky girl!