Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Blog block

Sigh... this week I have been thinking of doing away with my blog. I see all these other super fun blogs out there and they have like a million followers... and I don't obviously.  Is my blog not fun enough? Maybe. I am feeling blogging discouraged. I can't blog about what I wear everyday because you would REALLY get bored of seeing my scrubs everyday even though thats what I would LIKE to be blogging about. Pitty Party. I guess we can call this "Whitney, and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad blog." I think I will move to Australia.


Emily said...

Oh Whit! Be not distressed- your blog is tres chic, and so you! Honestly, the people out there with a gahzillion followers have basically dedicated their lives to blogging professionally. I even read an article about how some of the biggest bloggers were busted for opening multiple accounts so they could "follow" themselves and make others feel like they were more popular! Spew!

If you're having fun, keep going along! People will definitely read :-)

And if you want more followers, commenting on other blogs seems to attract some attention.

Or, you know, opening hundreds of accounts. Since I know you have SO much spare time at the office ;-)

Whitney & Devin said...

Em! I love you :-) You are fantastic! Thanks for making me feel important :-) Lets have a girls night soon k?

Emily said...

aw! You are pretty fabulous yourself, dear! Yes, girl's night is a must! let me know when you are free!

Danielle Abeyta said...

NOOOOOO!!! I love reading your blog! Sorry I don't post much on it. Most of the time I'm reading it at 2am in the morning at work!! Always love reading your new posts! Your Great!!