Thursday, March 31, 2011

Awkward and Awesome!

-The above Taylor Swift commercial. WAIT until you see the LEAP!
-The lady that come in to work today that smelt like the bread isle of the grocery store.
-The guy at work telling me that he thought my headband was actually purple HAIR. Sheesh dude have you NEVER heard of accessorizing????
-When Brandee answered the phone, "San Luis Internal Amy" HAHA... guess you had to be there.
-That Dev's parents seem to think I never cook. He must just talk to them on the nights that he actually DOES cook.
-When Devin decided to do Jillian's 6 week 6 pack with me and he said,"If your abs end up looking like her's at the end of this, I expect to have a ferrari AND beach front property." Me: "Uh... so you're saying you want my abs to look like her's so you  can have a ferrari?" Dev. "No way! Her's looks like a man's!" Guess he is gunning for that lamborghini.
-When girls wear too much bronzer (if you think this might be YOU please look in the mirror. Your cheeks should not be an unnatural burnt orange)... or girls who wear too much make up period... Like this chick....

-Unwrapped on the Food Network. This show makes me NEVER want to eat processed food.
-Not having to teach Sunday school this week. I will be atempting to make these "monkey bread muffins" for conference this weekend (obviously I did not find this in cook this not that). If they turn out well I will be posting the recipe.
-My shabby apple dress is on the way! I showed my mom and she said, "Nautical is VERY in!"
-Week 2 of Jillian's 6 week 6 pack!!!
-The nice weather we are having right now.
-That Jamba is now making fruit AND veggie smoothies... Doesn't that just seem like a duh?
-Vacation is getting closer!!!
-As always tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!!
-And as an extra little treat for you.... a picture from the good ol' BYU-Idaho days...


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Courtney said...

Not to mention I took that last pic and what can I say I did an awesome job lol jk jk! But I seriously miss you guys!