Thursday, March 17, 2011

Awkward and Awesome!!!

Hello my friends! Ready for some awkwards and awesomes? I thought you were :-) Because you wait all week for them right? (Nod and smile friends nod and smile)

-People wearing dresses and tuxedo's skiing.
-Me staring at a guy wearing a suit and a snow board. He says, "You're pretty!" I say, "Um, thanks, I like your suit" guy "I like your eyes!" me "Thanks! See ya!" Where was my opertune moment to take off my glove and flash my wedding ring?
-Texting my friends at 5am telling them there is a Tsnami on the way when they already knew. GOOD MORNING!
- Eating it in front of my snow boarding instructor... Nice one Whit.
-Seeing ex-boyfriends around town. Can't wait to move so this doesn't happen as often.
-When I wrote Devin an email the other day and it said, "I can't wait to but on you when I get home".... he wrote back, "you can't wait to but on me!?" opps. I meant LOVE. Stupid multitasking.
-Devin's face in this picture.... K maybe my face too. Yes we go to Disneyland a lot.

-I ZESTED for the first time this week. I am a believer.
-My order from Sephora should be here tomorrow! EEEK I'm excited.
-We are going to breakfast at Kay's Country Kitchen on Saturday.
-Tomorrow is Em's b-day dinner!!!!
-The book "The Help". Read it.
-Shabby Apple's new Roman Holiday collection. I plan on spending lots of money in the near future.
-Extreme couponing.
-My husband.
-Tomorrow is FRIDAY!

                  And our dog thinks every pillow in the house belongs to her.

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