Thursday, March 10, 2011

Awkward and Awesome!

Hello my friends! Happy Thursday to you!

-That I just said "Happy Thursday" :-)
-Relief society this past Sunday. I swear if you were there you could have cut the awkwardness with a knife.
-Me trying to show Brandee exactly how I fell off the skii lift last time. She said, "Please don't ever do that again in front of anyone else" Haha!
-When a patient called for her herpes meds and I had to tell her she needed an appointment and she said, "Uh, well do you even KNOW what this medication is FOR" and I had to say "yes I am WELL aware of what the medication is for"
-Eating pb & j at work when patients walk in and say "lunch time?" nope I just stole this from the 3rd grader next store. uh... duh.
- When someone has bad breath and its so overwhelming that you have to take a step back from them to get out of the way.

-My new snow jacket came today and it is AWESOME!
-Hubby is packing for our snow trip this weekend.
-Hubby made dinner 3 times this week!!!
-Lucy has finally learned to shake!
-Tomorrow is Friday!
- And this picture...

You're welcome.

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andrea said...

You make me smile!