Monday, February 21, 2011

Monday... I didn't wear scrubs all day!

Yay! I did have to work so I did wear scrubs part of the day. But Hubs and I went to dinner at a friend's house so I got to wear a real outfit!

I didn't have to cook tonight and that was AMAZING

I think hubs wanted to go just so HE wouldn't have to cook either. He only worked 1/2 day today- so tonight would have been his night.

This is were hubs said "give me a little more hip" hehe

Wanna know why I picked these flashy jeans? Cuz they were clean and weren't wrinkled... Classy :-)

Long sleeve T: Marshalls. Jacket: JCrew. Jeans: True Religion. Shoes: Nordy's.

Ooooh! I really want to re-name my blog. Any suggestions?


Ramsey said...

Hottie jeans girl! I need to splurge on some designer ones! And that dinner sounds delish...wanna bring me some?

Whitney & Devin said...

Thanks! I would bring you some if you lived closer haha