Saturday, February 12, 2011

Magical Wonderlands

This one time in church I hear a kid say, "I feel like a unicorn slaying a dragon". Classic. But there are a few magical wonderlands in my life where I can relate to feeling like a unicorn slaying a dragon.

Let me introduce you to a place where nothing is practical but you NEED everything in there! (or atleast you think you do)

Ah! I heart Sephora. I forgot how much I love it there. YES it can be a little overwhelming. YES it can make you feel a little indulgent. But I walked in there yesterday and I felt fabulous! And I want to go back everyday... if I could.

Today we went and had a couples massages! Seriously this place is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. Go there if you can. Happy Valentine's Day to us!!!

One hour here and we left feeling like a million bucks! Its so stylish and beautiful and tranquil. Best massage and best place to get it on the Central Coast in my opinion.

And the last place is where we will spend my birthday! And its VERY magical!

Oh and I was very bad and didn't make any new cook this! not that! recipes. However, I did make banana nutella crepes! I just LOVE these! Find the recipe here

Happy weekend!

Oh and P.S. my dress came in the mail today for our fancy dinner next week. And its FANTASTIC! Pictures to come!!!

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