Sunday, February 13, 2011

I was going to make another Outfit post

Except that I just looked at the picture we took and I hate them all. Bad angles, winter white skin, and again my large calves... no thank you. But today I work pink. I love pink and if something COMES in pink I will buy it... just sayin'.

This weekend has been nice and relaxing for us. And we are about to take our girl to the doggy park for a play date.

This weekend we have also being feeling and little indulgent... and I have been feeling fat. I think we are still getting over the holiday's over here. That, and Devin bought 2 things of oreo's in the past week. Don't get me wrong, we eat pretty darn healthy during the day. But we are violating one fundamental health rule. DON'T buy the junk! Then you won't eat it! If it is around, you WILL eat it. So we are going to be taking the junk (that Devin has me buy hehe) and getting rid of it. I told Devin that we are going to be on an organic diet. And these places are already my favorite places to shop for groceries, but I think I will be seen there more frequently in the coming weeks.

New Frontier's natural marketplace


I already love these places, I just have to be careful to steer clear of the dark chocolate covered pretzels, tempting trail mix, and the pepermint joe joe's icecream. Hey give me a break,  I am only human.

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