Sunday, February 6, 2011


Hello my fine friends! I need your help! Devin has a "snazy" award dinner comming up on the 18th and he asked me to be his date! ;-) Neeldess to say I said "yes!" The problem? I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR! Seriously, I am not being dramatic here! Its "semi-formal" (by the way what does that even MEAN!?!?) and the only remotely formal things I have in my closet is one of my bridesmaid's dresses and and long sparkly pink number which I will NOT be wearing becuase it is sooo 2005 if you know what I mean. So I need help to find the perfect semi-formal "wife of the captain who may or may not win the award" who is mormon but still "has it going on" dress. Do you think it exsists? It must have sleeves and it must be long enough to touch my knee. Where should I be looking for such a dress!?!? I don't want to look like I am 14 because I see what those girls wear and I am SO not into that! So PLEASE help! I have 12 days- the search is on....
And this is what we have to work with people... this is not going to be easy.
(Photo credit goes to my husband. Taken with his epic phone. Atifcial light in my mother's kitchen He He!)


Em said...

How fun! When in doubt, look to Kate Middleton! I think you could absolutely rock her engagement dress. You can find a mock of it here:

Whitney & Devin said...

Em! Thanks so much for the info! I can't find anywhere that will sell it to me in the US though :-( I absolutely adore the dress! I am going to get on a waiting list for one though :-)