Thursday, February 17, 2011

Have and Romy and Michelle Day

Women want to look beautiful. Its just part of our nature I think.  Remember putting on your first pair of high heels!?!?There are times when you put on fabulous cinderella shoes and you look at yourself you think "Wow! I look fabulous!" Anyone else have those moments? I like to call them Romy and Michelle moments. Ever seen Romy and Michelle's Highschool reunion? K well if you HAVEN'T there is a scence after they get ready for the night and their convo goes something like this.
R "I can't believe how cute I look!"
M "I know! This is like the cutest we've ever looked!"
R "Oh its DEFINITELY the cutest! Don't you just LOVE how we can say that to eachother and we know we're not being conceited"
M "Oh I know! No. We're just being honest."

And I have decided to share what I am going to wear tomorrow because I am very excited and I hope I have a Romy and Michelle day tomorrow (any encourging words, thoughts, or tips would be appreciated). OOOOh and please feel free to share your Romy and  Michelle Day's with me!!! I would love to hear about them!

Anyway here is the dress I will be wearing tomorrow to the fancy dinner thingy
It is called "Nothin' like a dame" from Shabby Apple and my hubs actually picked it out :-)

And THESE you might recognize ;-)

I finally got them! And they are just as fabulous as I thought they would be

Anyway I really want to wear a thin gold belt too and I have yet to find it. Its crunch time. If I don't find it oh well but tomorrow after work I will be trying to pull the look together.

And hubs is going to look so dang cute in his little bow tie he has to wear tomorrow.
Stay tuned for pictures!!! Hopefully we look as Romy and Michelle as I feel like we will.


Kirsi said...

You're gonna look fabulous! Gotta love Shabby Apple. I want those shoes :)

Ramsey said...

Wowza! You are gonna look hott! Seriously girl, I love the look, fabulous!

Whitney & Devin said...

Thank you girls! You are so sweet. Seriously you just made my whole day!!! XoXo

Diane's Photography said...

That dress is gorgeous and those shoes...yup...fantastic! you and Deven will be the envied couple for sure cause you'll be lookin' good!