Monday, February 7, 2011

Case o' the Monday's and Ode to the crockpot

Why must Monday's be "manic"??? Sigh, but today I am soo thankful for my "crockpot". I used to be so resistant to the idea of using a crockpot because honestly I am a little resistant to the idea of becoming my mother (although my mother is amazing!) and because it seemed "hard". Getting out that pick chunky machine is a hassle and... I thought I might burn the house down. The first time I used it I was worried that I would come home to a pile of rubbish that used to be my house while my crockpot was still acookin' away. BUT I have gotten over my fears and the crockpot is my new best friend. And tonight I was sooo thankful to have dinner almost completely ready when I got home.

However to ease my "case o' the monday's" I am buying a fabulous dress (thank you EMILY for you suggestions!!!!) and some rockin' shoes for husband's fancy dinner (we found out today that I will be "escorting" him into the dinner area thingy (can you tell how refined I am?) I can't wait to show you guys pictures!

AND my friend's Shawna and Garrett are coming over on FRIDAY!

Oh and my hubs is so stinkin' cute watching "pretty little liars" with me. Gosh I love him!

This is Dev wishin' he scored my nephew's cool transformer blanket. (taken in my mom's living room after a large newyear's feast which is why we look stuffed hehe)

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