Saturday, February 26, 2011

Awkward and Awesome!

The blog is back up YAY! So I know I missed Thursday but I am going to make up for it.

-Old peole J-walking. I mean... they just aren't FAST enough.
-My car horn. It is more of a "beep" than a "honk" and it is embarrassing.
-Me driving for the first time in snow this week. Devin freaked out "you are supposed to PUMP the breaks!" how was I supposed to know?
-My co-worker knowing who owns the felt covered car!
-Calling the automated flight line at Hickam AFB and the girl says "Aloha" and I say excitedly "ALOHA!"... to MYSELf... becaused its automated... duh.
-Devin coming home yesterday to find me bundled up on this reading a book. No heat, no TV... just 5 blankets and a book and he goes, "what are you doing?" me, "saving money?" And then he cracks up at me. Thanks honey.

-My b-day dinner last night! Yanagi's! I heart sushi.
-I got everything I wanted from my b-day list minus the ring. Instead I got fantasic Tiffany bow earrings which are WAY better :-)
-Oh and instead of BLACK glitter Toms I got PINK glitter Toms which are way better too
-My b-day is in 2 days
-We are leaving for Disneyland tomorrow
-We are going to have breakfast with Goofy!
-BYU beat SDSU (sorry SDSU I still love you though)
-Hubs is folding laundry right now which is pretty awesome.
-AND I requested off the days for us to go to Hawaii and/or Australia/Samoa/Japan/Guam

Oh Hawaii how we miss you!

And check out these cute outfits I haven't made post's for

Dev took this pic on his phone before we went to Santa Barbara but I think its cute no? Please ignore the mess in my house this was after Christmas

Sweater: JCrew. Jeans: 7 for all mankind. Flats: Rocketdog

And I don't like my hair here but just focus on the outfit k?

Tank: Downeast basics. Top: Gap. Skirt: JCrew. Shoes: Steve Madden

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