Thursday, February 3, 2011

Awkward and Awesome

-I saw the velvet cover car today!!! Seriously I almost took a picture... BUT the owner was chillin' in it today. She caught me staring @ it and THAT was awkward.
-Patients THROWING their insurance cards at me. Excuse me but I am NOT a dog and will not FETCH. Thanks.
-Our new sister missionary... she doesn't speak english very well and I kept looking to hubs and the other sister for a translation (even though she was apparently speaking english). Sorry but my Spanglish is a little rusty.
-Being the 3rd wheel
-Door to door sales-men. I swear they are attracted to our house like fly's to honey.
-Husband watching me blog... no honey I would never blog about you he he

-My husband...Seriously he is amazing (MUSHY!)
-Its my BIRTHDAY month!!!!
-Scentsy.. its da bomb
-Dark chocolate cover pretzels
-Bootcamp workouts and Jillian Michaels
-The Biggest loser!
-And as always... tomorrow is FRIDAY!

Oh and we had 2 birthday's celebrated in our office this week... and this little baby was the star today...

The Madonn Inn Pink Champagne Cake

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