Saturday, February 26, 2011

War Paint

This is how the girl in Sephora described my eye shadow one time. NOT because it looked crazy but because it was STAYING on so well! And I have to say, my eye shadow lasts from the time I put it on, 'til the time I take it off at night and EVEN through my afternoon workout's. Wanna know the secret to my "war paint"

This little baby is called a paint pot. I use the one called "painterly". Use it. Love it. Its one of my "must have's". 

I apply it to my entire eyelid before puttin' on my eyeshadow and liner.

Awkward and Awesome!

The blog is back up YAY! So I know I missed Thursday but I am going to make up for it.

-Old peole J-walking. I mean... they just aren't FAST enough.
-My car horn. It is more of a "beep" than a "honk" and it is embarrassing.
-Me driving for the first time in snow this week. Devin freaked out "you are supposed to PUMP the breaks!" how was I supposed to know?
-My co-worker knowing who owns the felt covered car!
-Calling the automated flight line at Hickam AFB and the girl says "Aloha" and I say excitedly "ALOHA!"... to MYSELf... becaused its automated... duh.
-Devin coming home yesterday to find me bundled up on this reading a book. No heat, no TV... just 5 blankets and a book and he goes, "what are you doing?" me, "saving money?" And then he cracks up at me. Thanks honey.

-My b-day dinner last night! Yanagi's! I heart sushi.
-I got everything I wanted from my b-day list minus the ring. Instead I got fantasic Tiffany bow earrings which are WAY better :-)
-Oh and instead of BLACK glitter Toms I got PINK glitter Toms which are way better too
-My b-day is in 2 days
-We are leaving for Disneyland tomorrow
-We are going to have breakfast with Goofy!
-BYU beat SDSU (sorry SDSU I still love you though)
-Hubs is folding laundry right now which is pretty awesome.
-AND I requested off the days for us to go to Hawaii and/or Australia/Samoa/Japan/Guam

Oh Hawaii how we miss you!

And check out these cute outfits I haven't made post's for

Dev took this pic on his phone before we went to Santa Barbara but I think its cute no? Please ignore the mess in my house this was after Christmas

Sweater: JCrew. Jeans: 7 for all mankind. Flats: Rocketdog

And I don't like my hair here but just focus on the outfit k?

Tank: Downeast basics. Top: Gap. Skirt: JCrew. Shoes: Steve Madden

Violation of Privacy

Just to be clear. I use this blog to talk about my life which is personal in nature. This in no way ENTITLES anyone who READS my blog to think that they have the RIGHT to intrude in my life. In order for me to continue this blog I expect any and everyone who reads this blog to respect my wishes and not contact me and/or look for me unless asked to do so. This week my privacy was invaded due to this blog and as much as I wish to keep it, my safety feels like it is in jeopardy. And let me just throw it out there that calling me at WORK is completely scary, creepy and utterly inappropriate. End. Of. Story. If this kind of behavior continues without my approval, legal actions will be taken to ensure the safety of myself and my family.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Monday... I didn't wear scrubs all day!

Yay! I did have to work so I did wear scrubs part of the day. But Hubs and I went to dinner at a friend's house so I got to wear a real outfit!

I didn't have to cook tonight and that was AMAZING

I think hubs wanted to go just so HE wouldn't have to cook either. He only worked 1/2 day today- so tonight would have been his night.

This is were hubs said "give me a little more hip" hehe

Wanna know why I picked these flashy jeans? Cuz they were clean and weren't wrinkled... Classy :-)

Long sleeve T: Marshalls. Jacket: JCrew. Jeans: True Religion. Shoes: Nordy's.

Ooooh! I really want to re-name my blog. Any suggestions?

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Outfit post dos

Lucy decided she wanted to be in this post

She thinks she is sooo cute

And obviously I do too :-)

And I seriously can't get enough of these shoes!

Button up: Express. Cardi: Express. Belt: Gap. Skirt: JCrew. Shoes: Nordys.

On a bummber note the bank some how lost my money that I deposited on Friday... AND they won't be open until Tuesday so I can't call them and figure out what they did until then. Woo stinkin' hoo. Sigh, oh well! Next week at this time we will be on our way to the Magic Kingdom! Trying to think happy thoughts :-)

Saturday, February 19, 2011

The little red dress

How cute is this picture?
Seriously he is so darn cute all of he time but last night he was workin' it ;-)

Last night we went to "Team Vandenberg Annual Awards", that is what it is officially called. Devin won Comany Grade Officer (CGO) of the Year for his group and was nominated for CGO of the Year for the whole base! Which meant that I got to get all dressed up :-)

Ta da!!!

Trying NOT to trip on the stairs

I like this angle you can see the SHOES!

My mom liked this angle becauseyou can see Dev's medals... and Lucy's toy

I did learn a few things last night.
1. Sometimes in the Air Force you do things that don't make any sense. For example, we waited in 2 lines for over an hour and a half just to be introduced at the medal ceramony AND at the dinner. I told Dev it was kinda like waiting in line at Disney to meet the princesses except at the end of this line you take a picture with the base cammander.
2. Hubby looks great in a bow tie!
3. I should not leave my camera in my jacket that I checked at the door.
4. Never wear 5 inch heels for more than 4 hours.

And my most embarrassing moment of the night is when everyone got up to sing the air force song... and I realized didn't know it! So I left to get our jackets hahaha

I also learned what this thing is...
It is a shoe buffer.

Can you tell I go to base often?

There were a few sobering moments of the night. There was an empty table in the dining hall to represent those who didn't make it home to their families. I was in tears as the room was silent in their remeberance and in rememberance of those who were wounded in battle who were present at the dinner. Everytime I go on base it makes me so thankful for our military and I am proud to be an Air Force wife.

Obviously ;-)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Have and Romy and Michelle Day

Women want to look beautiful. Its just part of our nature I think.  Remember putting on your first pair of high heels!?!?There are times when you put on fabulous cinderella shoes and you look at yourself you think "Wow! I look fabulous!" Anyone else have those moments? I like to call them Romy and Michelle moments. Ever seen Romy and Michelle's Highschool reunion? K well if you HAVEN'T there is a scence after they get ready for the night and their convo goes something like this.
R "I can't believe how cute I look!"
M "I know! This is like the cutest we've ever looked!"
R "Oh its DEFINITELY the cutest! Don't you just LOVE how we can say that to eachother and we know we're not being conceited"
M "Oh I know! No. We're just being honest."

And I have decided to share what I am going to wear tomorrow because I am very excited and I hope I have a Romy and Michelle day tomorrow (any encourging words, thoughts, or tips would be appreciated). OOOOh and please feel free to share your Romy and  Michelle Day's with me!!! I would love to hear about them!

Anyway here is the dress I will be wearing tomorrow to the fancy dinner thingy
It is called "Nothin' like a dame" from Shabby Apple and my hubs actually picked it out :-)

And THESE you might recognize ;-)

I finally got them! And they are just as fabulous as I thought they would be

Anyway I really want to wear a thin gold belt too and I have yet to find it. Its crunch time. If I don't find it oh well but tomorrow after work I will be trying to pull the look together.

And hubs is going to look so dang cute in his little bow tie he has to wear tomorrow.
Stay tuned for pictures!!! Hopefully we look as Romy and Michelle as I feel like we will.

Awkward and Awesome!

I appologize in advanced that the majority of my awkwards are medical related... my life is boring.

-Humming. Honestly WHY must people do this around strangers? Its especially awkward when the person doing the humming is out of tune.
-A patient bringing a stool (aka poopy) sample to our office in an envelope. Let me just set the record straight on the world wide web that the LAB has what is called a "stool collection kit". Please use it. K thanks.
-Accidentally prescribing a patient estrogen and having the directions as "apply to affected area". (for those of you who don't know estrogen is a hormone and cannot be applied to an affected area). Haha k it is funny I promise.
-Husband came home and told me that he had PRACTICE for the dinner tomorrow night. "Honey they will announce us and I will escort you out, you will do a fancy turn, and I will dip you like so." and all I can think is Buddy there is no way I will be turning in those fab shoes I bought! And then I realize he is smirking... haha very funny love.

-My birthday is in 11 days!
-I got a new Jillian Michael's video and it kicks butt! Actually its an ab DVD
-Tomorrow I get to get all dolled up for Dev's dinner which should be fun
-We are going to the temple on Friday
-My husband made amazing turkey burgers for dinner (on tuesday but they were still awesome)
-Perfect couples and Modern Family
-And as always tomorrow's FRIDAY!!!

And this is pretty awesome if I do say so myself. 

Sunday, February 13, 2011

I was going to make another Outfit post

Except that I just looked at the picture we took and I hate them all. Bad angles, winter white skin, and again my large calves... no thank you. But today I work pink. I love pink and if something COMES in pink I will buy it... just sayin'.

This weekend has been nice and relaxing for us. And we are about to take our girl to the doggy park for a play date.

This weekend we have also being feeling and little indulgent... and I have been feeling fat. I think we are still getting over the holiday's over here. That, and Devin bought 2 things of oreo's in the past week. Don't get me wrong, we eat pretty darn healthy during the day. But we are violating one fundamental health rule. DON'T buy the junk! Then you won't eat it! If it is around, you WILL eat it. So we are going to be taking the junk (that Devin has me buy hehe) and getting rid of it. I told Devin that we are going to be on an organic diet. And these places are already my favorite places to shop for groceries, but I think I will be seen there more frequently in the coming weeks.

New Frontier's natural marketplace


I already love these places, I just have to be careful to steer clear of the dark chocolate covered pretzels, tempting trail mix, and the pepermint joe joe's icecream. Hey give me a break,  I am only human.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Magical Wonderlands

This one time in church I hear a kid say, "I feel like a unicorn slaying a dragon". Classic. But there are a few magical wonderlands in my life where I can relate to feeling like a unicorn slaying a dragon.

Let me introduce you to a place where nothing is practical but you NEED everything in there! (or atleast you think you do)

Ah! I heart Sephora. I forgot how much I love it there. YES it can be a little overwhelming. YES it can make you feel a little indulgent. But I walked in there yesterday and I felt fabulous! And I want to go back everyday... if I could.

Today we went and had a couples massages! Seriously this place is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. Go there if you can. Happy Valentine's Day to us!!!

One hour here and we left feeling like a million bucks! Its so stylish and beautiful and tranquil. Best massage and best place to get it on the Central Coast in my opinion.

And the last place is where we will spend my birthday! And its VERY magical!

Oh and I was very bad and didn't make any new cook this! not that! recipes. However, I did make banana nutella crepes! I just LOVE these! Find the recipe here

Happy weekend!

Oh and P.S. my dress came in the mail today for our fancy dinner next week. And its FANTASTIC! Pictures to come!!!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Early Valentine's Day!!!!

My hubs isn't good at keeping secrets and he is especially not good at keeping gifts a secret from me...

So tonight before we went over to my parents my amazing hubby supprised me with THIS...

Guess what that is!?!?! Happy face!!!! I was jumping up and down like a 5 year old!

Love that little blue box!

Tiffany & Co. Te He!

Opening up my surprise!


Not the best picture but how CUTE are these!?

Another HAPPY face :-)

Yes I am spoiled. Rotten.

Love my man! Forever and ever! And not just because he gives fab gifts but because he is mine for forever and he loves me no matter what! Happy Valentine's Day! Don't worry love my gift will be coming on Saturday!!!

Tonight was a FABULOUS night!

Wanna know why!?!?

My diploma came!!! I feel like such a big girl!

Check it out.... Oh and please excuse my apearance... I like to get comfy when I get home from work...

Yay for Whitney!

Awkward and Awesome!

-When my mom said that she needed to buy an "emery" board and I asked what that was and she said, "oh girl I have not taught you well".
-When patients call and get very emotional that their Dr. is leaving... and they are seriously bawling their eyes out... what do you say, "um, I'm sorry?"
-The girl in the body sculpting class that looks like she doesn't eat enough (if you know what I mean) and the instructor asked her if she ate enough potassium and she said "probably not" uh duh
-When I lift heavier weights at the gym than some guys... I'm a body builder k I can't help it.
-And guess what you guys!?!? Today I found the "velvet" covered car again today and it was parked right next to me. Not only did I get a picture BUT I also discoved that it is NOT velvet covered... it is FELT covered. They went to Irvine...  (picture will be at the end of the post)

- My diploma came in the MAIL finally! (post to follow)
- Hubs gave me my valentine's day gift early! (post to follow)
-We get our massages on Saturday!
-Shawna and Garrett are coming over tomorrow!
-And as always tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!!!!!! YAY!

Devin is finally getting into my "blogging ways". Tonight he said "oooh I have an awkward for you!" So here is his awkward....

Today in the bathroom at work, someone had an explosion. I mean, seriously tore the bathroom up.... and there was a boot print left on the floor. So what do you do? Do you let it be? Or find the culprit who left the boot print.

And the moment we have all been waiting for.. or... not....

Okay so the pictures kinda suck but big me a break I took them from my car haha

Monday, February 7, 2011

Case o' the Monday's and Ode to the crockpot

Why must Monday's be "manic"??? Sigh, but today I am soo thankful for my "crockpot". I used to be so resistant to the idea of using a crockpot because honestly I am a little resistant to the idea of becoming my mother (although my mother is amazing!) and because it seemed "hard". Getting out that pick chunky machine is a hassle and... I thought I might burn the house down. The first time I used it I was worried that I would come home to a pile of rubbish that used to be my house while my crockpot was still acookin' away. BUT I have gotten over my fears and the crockpot is my new best friend. And tonight I was sooo thankful to have dinner almost completely ready when I got home.

However to ease my "case o' the monday's" I am buying a fabulous dress (thank you EMILY for you suggestions!!!!) and some rockin' shoes for husband's fancy dinner (we found out today that I will be "escorting" him into the dinner area thingy (can you tell how refined I am?) I can't wait to show you guys pictures!

AND my friend's Shawna and Garrett are coming over on FRIDAY!

Oh and my hubs is so stinkin' cute watching "pretty little liars" with me. Gosh I love him!

This is Dev wishin' he scored my nephew's cool transformer blanket. (taken in my mom's living room after a large newyear's feast which is why we look stuffed hehe)

Sunday, February 6, 2011

I was so excited to see

That Isla Fisher was carrying my favorite Vera Bradley print in People :-) Check it out! or pick up the newest People mag!


Hello my fine friends! I need your help! Devin has a "snazy" award dinner comming up on the 18th and he asked me to be his date! ;-) Neeldess to say I said "yes!" The problem? I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR! Seriously, I am not being dramatic here! Its "semi-formal" (by the way what does that even MEAN!?!?) and the only remotely formal things I have in my closet is one of my bridesmaid's dresses and and long sparkly pink number which I will NOT be wearing becuase it is sooo 2005 if you know what I mean. So I need help to find the perfect semi-formal "wife of the captain who may or may not win the award" who is mormon but still "has it going on" dress. Do you think it exsists? It must have sleeves and it must be long enough to touch my knee. Where should I be looking for such a dress!?!? I don't want to look like I am 14 because I see what those girls wear and I am SO not into that! So PLEASE help! I have 12 days- the search is on....
And this is what we have to work with people... this is not going to be easy.
(Photo credit goes to my husband. Taken with his epic phone. Atifcial light in my mother's kitchen He He!)

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Chicken Fingers

My mom is from the South and she makes fabulous FRIED chicken. However... her version is not exactly healthy. So here is my heathy "cook this! not that!" alternative and it was FABULOUS!
You'll Need:
1 lb boneless, skinless chicken tenders
Salt and black pepper to taste
3 egg whtes, lighty beaten (don't over beat or the eggs will get tough!)
2 cups panko bread crumbs
2 tbsp dijon mustard
1 tbsp honey
1 tsp chipotle pepper puree (we nixed this because A. we didn't have any and B. our sweet potato fries had chipotle seasoning)

How to make it:
-Preheat the oven to 450 degrees. Season the chicken with salt and pepper. Place the eggs whites in a small bowl. Place the crumbs on a plate and season those too (I used Santa Maria seasoning but you can do salt and pepper). Dip the chicken into the egg, then toss in the crumbs, being sure to coat fully.
-Place the breaded chicken pieces on a baking sheet coated with nonstick sray. Bake for 10-12 minutes until the crumbs have browned and the chicken is firm.
-Combine the mustard, chipotle, and honey in a large bowl. Toss the cooked chicken in the mixture so they are all evenly coated with the spicy-sweet sauce.

I didn't toss the chicken because we were hungry HAHA so we just dipped our chicken :-) and it was FABULOUS!!!!!!!! Seriously TRY THESE!

The damage: 250 calories, 1.5 g fat (0 g saturated), 350 mg sodium.

Husband and I both agreed that this was a easy, yummy, and fun  meal to make! Try it... seriously you will like it :-) Oh and I have decided to start cooking on Friday's instead of going out. And I LOVE IT! I have more time to cook and I can take my time and enjoy it.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Awkward and Awesome

-I saw the velvet cover car today!!! Seriously I almost took a picture... BUT the owner was chillin' in it today. She caught me staring @ it and THAT was awkward.
-Patients THROWING their insurance cards at me. Excuse me but I am NOT a dog and will not FETCH. Thanks.
-Our new sister missionary... she doesn't speak english very well and I kept looking to hubs and the other sister for a translation (even though she was apparently speaking english). Sorry but my Spanglish is a little rusty.
-Being the 3rd wheel
-Door to door sales-men. I swear they are attracted to our house like fly's to honey.
-Husband watching me blog... no honey I would never blog about you he he

-My husband...Seriously he is amazing (MUSHY!)
-Its my BIRTHDAY month!!!!
-Scentsy.. its da bomb
-Dark chocolate cover pretzels
-Bootcamp workouts and Jillian Michaels
-The Biggest loser!
-And as always... tomorrow is FRIDAY!

Oh and we had 2 birthday's celebrated in our office this week... and this little baby was the star today...

The Madonn Inn Pink Champagne Cake