Sunday, January 23, 2011


We went here
And had an amazing morning! I love the peace the temple brings. Seriously I cannot say enough about how much I love the temple and going there with my hubs.

Then we ate lunch here

And it was delicious! Devin had curry and I had the Pad Thai. The service sucked but the food was worth it. THEN we went for dessert at one of my favorite spots!!!!!

Yup... Diddy Riese ice cream cookie sandwiches! Seriously the $1.50 price tag makes them even more amazing! I ALWAYS get chocolate chip cookies with chocolate ice cream. This time Devin got double chocolate cookie with butter pecan ice cream.
THEN we went on a hunt in Camarillo for the Vera Bradley store... and it was quite the adventure because our GPS took us to someone's house.... but we found it eventually. :-)

THEN we went to the Camarillo Outlets. Seriously it is da bomb. We went to the coach store and I got to go to J. Crew. And those are my most favorite stores EVER.

I got some seriously cute stuff for an amazing price! Thank you J. Crew for making cute modest clothing!

THEN we went to buffalo exchange to try and sell some of our old stuff. They only took 4 things and we brought them a whole tub full! Sheesh thanks for telling me my clothes suck haha oh well its not like I want them anymore.

At this point we were both tired and just wanted to go home. So we left the city and came home to pick up our girl from the Grandparents. And she is super cute.

The End!

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