Friday, January 7, 2011


I am starting a section of my blog called "I believe!" I stole this from the blue collar comedy tour's "I believe" song haha if you haven't seen/heard it its awesome. One of my favorites of their "I believes" is... get ready for it k?...  I BELIEVE... that anyone who wants to wear a thong should have to go through an application process! HA! Isn't that FUNNY? K well I think it is :-) So TODAY.... I BELIEVE in INVESTING in a pair of NICE sunglasses. Please excuse my face in these images but I think it is easier to see how the glasses look on a REAL face. Here are a few of my favs...
How CUTE are these!? Lovin' the buckle sides! By Fendi

These are Coach sunglasses I have had since I graduated High School... I haven't lost them yet! Notice the fabulous shading on these?

And last but not least are  my newest addition by Ralph Lauren. My only pair of brown
My rules for choosing sunglasses-
1. Pick a price that works for you! Usually if you go in to local stores they are more likely to give a discount than normal retail stores.
2. Try on before you buy! PLEASE make sure that the nose bridge fits well and that the frames fit your face!
3. GO BIG! Sunglasses are supposed to cover your eyes!
4. Have fun and be yourself no matter what you wear!

If you don't believe in investing in sunglasses please buy ones the fit into the rules :-) Like I said... I PERSONALLY believe in designer sunglasses :-)

PS. Sunglasses at the top of the post are by Lacoste. Don't you love the white on black? My sister says they looks very Jackie O.

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Em said...

that is just what my mom and i said when we saw the white and black! so lovely! way to keep it classy, girl!