Monday, January 10, 2011

I wish I were cool

Yeah ya heard me... I wish I were cool... I USED to be... or atleast I thought I did haha but having 6 followers? I might as well be talking to myself (which I am SURE I am). Haha I am OK with that :-) This weekend I had fabulous idea's for posts... great outfit choices, eat this not that, and more I believes! However... sigh... that obviously did NOT happen. What did happen is that my cute husband asked me on a date Friday night (yes he STILL asks how cute is he?) so we went out for sushi and we were supposed to go see Tangled but at the sushi bar I was hit with an overwhelming migraine and had to go home. About 30 minutes of being home I got SICK and I mean nasty (TMI) throw-up sick. (Good thing we didn't go to the movie!) My sweet husband took care of me and I went to bed at 8. The next day I was feeling better so we decided to take our Lucy on a walk down the Bob Jones trail... except we were on bikes. Epic fail I tell you! Lucy got spooked and pulled herself out of the leash, took a kid out on a tricycle, and knocked me off of my bike all in the same trip. Boo! I had basically chalked this up to be the worst weekend ever! I got sick, my dog went crazy and I got banged and bruised :-( But after we went to my mommy's and she made us breakfast :-) Nothing like a mother to kiss you boo boo's hehe Devin took me to see Tangled Saturday night which I was super excited about! Seriously if you haven't seen it... you are missin' out! Sunday I went back to teaching my "kids" in Sunday school- I forgot how much I missed them! Today was nuts at work but Dev just called and he is on his way home :-) I am going to attempt a few "eat this not that" recipes coming soon!

Seriously Tangled is so cute- I loved it!

There is an apple orchard on the bob jones trail... it is seriously breath taking!

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I'm telling ya...feelance the magazines my dear!