Thursday, January 27, 2011

Awkward and Awesome


-Lucy letting a "silent but deadly" one RIP during my visiting teacher is bearing her testimony... Um excuse while I let my gassy dog out
-Having a provider at work asking me if we have a PANIC button!?!? Um... NO!
-Having patients who are like 60396 years old telling me that my husband is handsome. I mean I KNOW he is but still
-Sneezing on the phone

Sorry those were kind of lame- promise next week I will have better ones. But my awesomes are AWESOME!

-Tomorrow it will offically be 1 month until my birthday!
-Devin got his new ski boots and they are super cool ;-)
-The enchiladas we had for dinner tonight!
-P90X- summer here we come!
-Getting letters in the mail from my best friend!!!! (She is in Florida serving a full time LDS mission)
-I get to wear NEW CLOTHES tomorrow!!!
-And as always TOMORROW IS FRIDAY!
-Oh and I don't have to teach a Sunday school lesson this week! WHOOT!

We aren't going skiing this weekend but we will be celebrating Lucy's birthday at the beach with friends! OH and ANOTHER awesome is that tomorrow I am going to go do the Bob Jones trail with my friend Heather! I haven't seen her in years and I am super excited to meet her little peanut Parker! Now if you would excuse me I am going to go do P90X with the hubs ;-)

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