Friday, January 21, 2011

Awkward and Awesome

Okay so I was supposed to do this YESTERDAY but obviously I didn't so here it goes....

-Stinky people. Especially when these people are in a small confined room in the gym. I mean I know its the gym... but REALLY!?
-Telling your boss you want to give your two weeks notice... so I really like working here its just that... um...
-Walking into the bathroom when someone is doing their... business
-Fat dogs. I swear she is just big boned
- Running into the wall almost EVERYDAY at work. I have what I like to call bad "spacial" awareness
-Stretching with people at the gym. It gives me the giggles
-People on base calling Devin "sir"... Do I have to call you sir too?

-My sister came to visit and we ate at Natural Cafe
-My BIRTHDAY is coming!
-Going to the temple tomorrow
-Devin's LAUNCH!!! Ah it was seriously SO amazing I was such a proud wife and I still am! Check it out here
-When I had a bad day my lovey said "bug lets buy you some shoes ok? shoes and chocolate? does that sound good?" gosh I love him :-)

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