Thursday, January 13, 2011

Awkward and Awesome

I am introducing a new section of my blog called "awkward and awesome" that I stole from TheDayBook but I don't think she would mind :-) It is "traditionally" done on Thursdays... wish me luck on my first akward and awesome blog.

-First of all, the word AWKWARD just puts me in an awkward mood.
-A velvet covered car (seriously I saw one today)
-"fluffy" girls working at the gym front desk
- Some girl at work telling me that her "scrotum" is itching... Sex ed anyone?
-When patients call at work and say "This is so and so can I speak to someone" um... you already ARE.
-Pampered chef parties, or any product party for that matter. Don't go unless you plan on buying because if you don't... SUPER awkward
- Teaching teenagers in Sunday school about the law of chastity... because 14 year old boys are really 5 year olds
-Answering my cell phone "San Luis Internal Medicine"
-Carrying a Tree (yes a real 4 foot tall tree) to my car with my other 29893 bags that I take to work
-The Allstate "Mayhem" comercials... seriously who IS that guy?

- Chocolate face masks... seriously TRY IT!
-Getting my passport!!!!!!!!!
-Kick butt workouts (Summer here I come!)
-Browsing the Vickie Secret Swim website with Brands haha sounds awkward but really its awesome
-My dinner that is cooking right now (shredded chicked tacos!)
-Hubby giving me a massage mmmhmmm its nice
-Celebrating birthday "months" and not birthDAYs
-Disneyland.... its my happy place
-The Biggest Loser.... nothing makes me want to get up and MOVE like that show does
-My sister is coming to visit next week!

I hope I did ok for my first first! More to come I hope! OOOO I have one more awesome!!! TOMORROW IS FRIDAY!!!!!

And just because I love Disney so much... a pic of me and Minnie ;-)

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