Friday, July 2, 2010


School feels like its never going to end! Haha thats probably because Devin is working on another certificate/2nd master's degree and I am going to be done with my bachelor's degree in December. But NOW I have decided to do a master's program too. WHOOHOO! Yay for paying lots of money for people to think you are smart ;-) No but I  AM really excited! I was worried about what I was going to do until I could go to med school and this is absolutely perfect and it feels like its the right thing to do. Look out world! Dr. Zufelt is just around the corner :-D Oh and today we got most of our new bedroom set delivered and it is absolutely FABULOUS! Its exactly what we wanted and it is just so beautiful! I will post some pictures of it all as soon as our bed comes in. Anyway nothing else too terribly exciting is going on. Lucy has been losing some teeth and is getting her big girl ones in. Devin bought her a backpack and now she is trying to get used to wearing it so we can take her hiking and camping. We also can't wait to go to the pancake breakfast tomorrow morning :-) Not just for the pancakes but because 4th of July is when Devin and I had our first date. Sigh :-) Love!

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