Monday, May 3, 2010


So Devin and I finally did our trip to Hawaii! Aftering dreaming and dreaming it finally happened. It was truly the dream vacation! I could't have imagined it going any better... well actually thats not ENTIRELY true. First of all I lost my debit card before we even left California. Yep, thats right! Apparently going to the ATM at 2am isn't exactly the best idea for me. Luckily I have a fabulous husband who didn't ge mad and who luckily had his :-) Also, I got my period! WHAT!?!?!? I had just HAD my period 2 weeks ago! Also, I dropped my luggage on my freshly painted toenails :-( So much for that pedicure! It cracked my toenail in half. Anyway enough about the bad stuff lets get on to the good stuff!

Friday April 16
We got to fly on the biggest airplane I have ever seen! A C17 is super large! It was the smoothest flight I have ever been on! Devin and I arrived at Hickam AFB around 3pm local time and we were exausted! We ate dinner, checked into our hotel and went to bed before 6pm :-)

Saturday April 17
We woke up at about 4am Hawaii time haha so we had some time to kill before things even opened! Basically we just lounged around until about 9. We did some grocery shopping and decided to go to Pearl Harbor because we were basically already there. We went and saw the USS Missour, and the Pacific Aviation Museum (Dev's favorite!) That night we walked around down town Waikiki and had dinner at the Cheese Cake factory. We took our cheese cake to go and ate it after we went in the hot tub at the hotel :-)

Sunday April 18
It was a little rainy on Sunday so we decided to go to the flea market at Aloha stadium. We stayed there most of th morning because there are so many people and stuff there! Around lunch time we went to Hanauma Bay! That was sooo fun! I had never been snorkeling before and neither had Devin so it was a great experience for both of us. We saw tons of fish! We did get a little burnt that day even with 45 SPF on

Monday April 19
This day we went back to Pearl Harbor and we went and saw the Arizona Memorial. It was a very touching experience and I am very glad that we did it. After that we drove to the other side of the island to go to the Polynesian cultural center. We stayed there the rest of the day. This day was Dev's favorite! We got to go to all the villages and Devin was in a hula contest at the Tahiti village and he was sooo cute! We went to a luau and the night show! We also got to go see BYU-Hawaii and the Laie Temple. We were VERY sleepy by the end of this day but it was so much fun and worth it!

Tuesday April 20
This day I woke up nervous because I knew what was coming hehe. We went parasailing! I was soo nervous because I am really not a hights person but Devin decided that we should go all out and go 1,000 feet which apparently not many people do. It was such a blast and I totally want to do it again! Later that afternoon we went to Sea Life park and we swam with dolphins :-) That was the high light of the trip for me because it is something that I always wanted to do!

Wednesday April 21
We almost didn't make it to our morning activity. I didn't read the ticket the night before and we left our hotel late for our check in time... Oops! But we did make it and we went on a submarine ride/tour! It was way cool because we saw sharks, and turtles, and tons of fish! After that we went to the pineapple plantation! Then we headed over to pipeline and watched the waves. That night we ate dinner at Top of Waikiki. It was the best dinner and experienc we had! The whole room roates so you can see all of Waikiki! The food was amazing as well.

Thursday April 22
This day we decided to just go with the flow. We woke up and decided to go to turtle bay. We went snorkeling again which was sooo much fun. It is one of my new favorite activities! After that Devin decided he wanted to go surfing. I wanted to do it but this day was pretty stormy and I just didn't feel comfortable. The waves were choppy and it was raining and yeah no thank you haha. Devin did such a good job! He got up his first time and he got up every time after that too :-) I got to tan (when the sun came out) and take lots of pictures. After that he took me shopping :-)

Friday April 23rd
This day was a shopping/beach day. We didn't really do much of anything too exciting until that evening! Jack Johnson was in town playing a concert. We tried to get tickets online but they were all sold out. We decided that we would walk over to where the concert was and try to get in anyway. And we got to go! My first concert EVER was Jack Johnson in Hawaii!!! How perfect is that!? I was sooo excited! It was the perfect ending to the perfect vacation

Saturday April 24th
Nothing happened this day except we didn't get a flight out and we had to wait all day for a hotel room and we did laundry. Exciting... I know

Sunday April 25th
We flew/drove home! We got in Monday morning at midnight!

So there was the readers digest version of our vacation! It was fabulous and just what we needed. Sorry I didn't post pictures, they take forever to post but I posted them all on facebook in case you care to look!

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