Saturday, April 3, 2010

Lucy in the sky

Lucy goosey update! She is doing well and growing a ton! Our friends Luke and Amber let us borrow some doggy clothes and we put Lucy in the cutest dress ever! (Pictures to follow). My parents are in Argentina right now so Maggie is staying with us for two weeks. She is getting a little more comfortable with Lucy and I am sure they will be best friends soon!

Devin and I are looking forward to going to Hawaii and getting a much needed vacation! Also we are looking forward to our tax refund haha so we can finish furnishing our house. Last week we had our friends Britney and Tom over for dinner (they are getting married in 2 weeks!!!) And it was so fun! We had a nice dinner and played apples to apples. My favorite part was when we were all reading our cards that are supposed to describe us... one of Devin's was "dead" hahaha! But Tom's was the best... he said "I am fragrant!" Haha! I guess you had to be there but it was funny.

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