Thursday, March 11, 2010

Long time no see

I've kind of been neglecting my blog lately. Not that I haven't wanted to blog but my life has been busy! I know I know, EVERYONE is busy but that is the only excuse I have right now! So February came and went pretty quickly. Valentine's day was spent mostly napping haha but my birthday weekend was fabulous! First Devin and I went for a second ski trip to Alta-Sierra! It was perfect for me because I am still learning and battling the chair lift haha we spent the night in Bakersfield in a PINK room (yes eveything was pink! carpet, chair, towels, everything!) then the next morning we headed to the mountain. There were only 2 lifts and I was a little nervous that I would forget what I had learned in Tahoe but I ended up going down the run without falling down! I even heard one girl go "whoa look at her go!" The next day was my birthday and Devin (who is the most amazing husband EVER!) made me blueberry waffles for breakfast and they were fabulous! Then we went for a bike ride in Avila and it was such a beautiful day. The day before it was so stormy and I was so afraid that I would have a gloomy day. After our bike ride we met my parents in Pismo for lunch at Splash and it was sooo delicious! I had Ahi tacos and some clam chowder... Yum Yum! After that we got a call that this lady had puppies at her house and that they were golden doodles and she wanted to know if we wanted one! Of course I wanted one but Devin HATES poodles and did not want a dog that was a poodle mix (haha!). I was a little bummed but Devin assured me that we would one day have a puppy. We had dinner (AKA red velvet icecream cake) at my parents house and played games! It ended up being a way chill birthday but it was super nice after being in the snow all day the day before. In other news Devin and I are adding a member to our family!!!!!! I am sooo excited! We are getting a puppy! She is a pure bred golden retriever and we get to bring her home on the 19th! When we went to see them Devin told me before "ok lets just go look and see if the parents are cute first and then lets look at the puppies". But when we got there the parents were out in the yard and I looked at Devin and just KNEW that we would be getting one :-) I was so sad to not bring her home with us right then but I know she needs to spend more time with her mom. Plus is gives us time to puppy proof our house :-) Baby steps for us :-) we are slowing working up to having a baby. First we got a plant and now we are getting a puppy. We are very excited for the next few weeks because my parents are going to Argentina and we are going to Hawaii sooo soon!
Here is our cute little girl! Her name is Lucy Zufelt and she is 6 weeks old here Please disregard my double chin in this picture... I have no idea what I was trying to do but I promise that I usualy DON'T have a double chin haha...just focus on the dog

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Breanna said...

I want a golden doodle too! Still, a golden retriever is AWESOME! I am jealous! Your birthday sounds like it was super fun! Post more about your life and Lucy! I love to read your posts!