Monday, February 8, 2010


Sooo... Devin and I just got back from our mini-vacation in Lake Tahoe! Oh my gosh it was so fun! I was like a little kid at Disneyland by the time we were done because I did NOT want to leave! But... it didn't start out so great. Dev and I left on Thursday and about half way there I realized that I forgot my CAMERA! Are we kidding? I forgot my camera on my first trip to Lake Tahoe!!! I was so bummed I cried for about an hour! My poor husband :-( He was so sweet and told me that we could go buy a new one or use our phones but I was not having it! Poor thing I was just so hormonal and irrational the whole time (we ended up buying a disposable camera and it worked ot fine). And then it was pouring rain the whole time until of course we got to the mountain and it was snowing! So then we had to put on chains and the chains ended up not fitting my tires and it was just a big mess! I really thought we would never get to our hotel. But we did of course haha and we went to Alpine Mountain! So first thing Dev has me do when we got there is strap in to my board and he took me up on the lift! I was freaking out! I hadn't even learned how to do anything at all! So we get to the top and I try getting off of the lift and I eat it so hard (first one of the day). Then I try to get up and tht was just a disaster! I kept getting up and falling down and getting up and falling down and I really thought that I was NEVER going to come down the mountain. So I had ANOTHER break down on the mountain and I just got so mad and I finally got up and actually went down the mountain! Whoohoooo!!! :-) I really thought that I would never try snowboarding again because I was worse and bruised and hormonal hahaha but I LOVE snowboarding. I ended up taking a snowboarding class and it was so good because I got to lear what i needed and Devin got to go skiing where he wanted to without me having a breakdown. But we stayed in this cute little cabin and we were all cozy and it was just a fabulous weekend away with the love of my life! We got to walk around near Heavenly (which is just oh so cute!) and I got to learn how to snowboard and I got to shop at Squaw valley and spend time with the cutest man ever! And Devin got to skii!!! And spend time in the snow... and It SNOWED when we were there! It was just beautiful and I am obsesssssssssssed.... and I want to live there someday! Sigh... I love making memories with my sweetheart! So I need to catch up on my "why I love Devinisms" #3 I love Devin because he is soo caring! He always does so much to take care of me and he is always doing things for me. For example, every night he gets me a glass of water before we got to bed :-) #4 I love Devin because to me he is the cutest man in the whole world! #5 I love that he is a pilot :-) There is just something so hot about it hehehe #6 I love that he is active and athletic! So many guys today just sit at home and do nothing and play video games but not my husband! #7 I love that he has a sense of humor after something doesn't go right :-) Instead of being mad for forever he see the humor in things and laughs it off. # 8 I love that he likes eating healthy! My hubby eats salad with no salad dressing!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

New Challenge

So this week I have decided not to visit facebook! I have noticed that I ALWAYS go on to facebook whenever I am bored... so I have decided to do more productive things with my time (haha like blogging!) And its been HARD but beneficial! Devin and I are going to wasting time on facebook I finshed my homework AND did all my threaded discussions AND submitted all my papers! Oh and today was ground hog day and the ground hog DID see his shadow which means 6 more weeks of winter (not too much change for us here in Cali). So Happy Ground Hog Day! And since its February (aka the month of love) I have decided to write something I love about my wonderful husband everyday! I missed yesterday so I need to make up for it. #1 I LOVE that Devin is sooo super smart! He is one of the smartest people I know! I just love that he is so knowledgeable and I love when he can explain things to me that I don't know yet :-) #2 I love that he put up with my obsession with pink :-) He has looked for me a pink waterbottle, a pink helment, a pink bike... a pink EVERYTHING and he neve complains :-) I know that he loves me <3 <3 <3