Saturday, January 23, 2010

You spin me right around

So I work in a building with other offices and one of the places we have in our building is a gym! AKA Athlon. Our office gets FREE gym memberships! How cool is that? For awhile the girls and I would go during our lunch break and do their noon classes. They had Zumba, Boot camp, Cardio, and Yolates. But then we started being the only ones who would go and the gym wasn't getting paid for us to take the classes (because we go for free) so they did away with the noon classes! We were all shocked and very sad! But just a few weeks ago they started having bootcamp again on Wednesdays. But Brandee (my friend at work) is a hard core work-outer (hehe). And so for the past few weeks on Fridays she, Emily, and Laura (other friends at work) have gone to the 6 am spin class... Um excuse me did you hear me... 6 AM! Sheesh! They all went and said that it was such a good workout so I decided to go this week. I live about 40 minutes away from the gym/work so I had to wake up at about 4:45! When I got there, there was already someone in the class riding one of the bikes. He looked scary! He has tons of tats, gaged ears, and a yellow spandex biking suit on. I thought "if that is our instructor, I don't know if I will walk away from this!" Haha so Brandee and I go into spin class and guess who gets to sit next to scary spandex guy!? ME! So I get on the bike and then I realize that I have to adjust the seat so I get off and the pedals totally keep moving and scrape my leg and take a chunk of skin off! WHY!? That happened to me LAST time I was on a bike only that one WASN'T stationary! Really cute Whitney. So anyway... I am trying to adjust the seat and the stupid thing will not move! And class is starting... so scary yellow spandex man has to come over and help me and he acts like its no big deal to adjust the seat... but HE couldn't get it to move either at first! Anyway so class starts and 5 mintues into it I am ALREADY getting my butt kicked! I'm sweating and panting and trying to keep up with everyone else! I look over and Brandee and she hasn't even broken a sweat yet! And then I feel something stinging on my leg... so I look down and I realize that I am bleeding! Yep... bleeding in front of Brandee who HATES blood! But I don't want to stop because I don't want to seem like I can't handle the class because I am not a whimp! So I keep going PRAYING that Brandee won't look over at my leg and faint during class! Luckily she didn't look or faint and I survived spin class :-) It was an awesome workout and I am totally going to do it again. After spin I went to yoga and it was so nice to push myself really hard and then stretch it out. Then I went on the treadmill for 50 minutes. That was the most time I have EVER spent at the gym and it was awesome! But I was super tired. I was out by 8 last night haha poor Devin! He comes home ready for a fun Friday night and I am exsausted! But anyway- sorry I tend to write long posts about things that aren't really important. Last night we went and ate Sushi with my parents and then everyone else watched Transformers while I slept on the floor hehe.

                          This is what I started my fun filled Friday with :-)

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