Sunday, January 10, 2010

Is anyone out there?

Hello out there :-) I know I am talking to myself because we have no followers but thats okay- its a good place to journal life... obiviously I am VERY good at that ;-) The Holidays came and went all to quickly and now its back to life as usual. Christmas was fun because we spent it with Devin's family in New Mexico. I got to go ice skating and play in the snow and meet lots of Devin's extended family and friends. We spent the new year eating junk food (pizza, truffles... all the good stuff) and painting the back room in our house. Our house is starting to feel more like our home rather than a big project. I am still trying to figure out what furniture I want in our loft but that will come once the rest of our rooms get situated. I am trying to decide between a love sac (a big bean bag couch thing) or just a normal couch. We would make it into a game room except that we have our giant TV in there... anyway enough about that! One of our new year resolutions is to do our traveling within this next year/year and a half. After that we will probably start trying to have kids ( I know BIG shock! haha)... but we might wait a little longer than that but thats the plan for now. A lot of our friends are having kids right now but we are still young and we want to enjoy being together and traveling before we have a new addition. We are just trying to keep a plant alive for now ;-) First on our list for traveling is to Lake Tahoe. We will be doing that here within the next few weeks. Next on our list is Hawaii. We will be going there at the end of February. More things that are on our list but not totally currently planned are San Francisco (probs for Dev's b-day), Las Vegas, Seattle, Half Dome (sometime in August), North Carolina, New York, Italy and Europe... and Devin wants to go to Japan! Who knows if we will cross ALL of those off of our list but hopefully we will! As another year closes and another one begins Devin and I look forward to this brand new year ahead and we look back on our first year of marriage with fond memories (and some not so fun ones too hehe) but our lives are filled with blessings and we are thankful for what we have!

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koala lou said...

I'm here! :-D great post- you two have such big dreams, and I'm so very excited for you! You go, girl!

ps. pictures of the new paint job, please! :-D
pps. this is em from work :-D