Tuesday, January 26, 2010

In the Middle

So today this random thought came to me today. Yesterday Megan (one of the kids in my sunday school class) asked me if I wanted to buy Valentine's day cookies to help her out with girls camp stuff. Of course I said yes but then I thought "wait a minute, wasn't it just yesterday that I was hittin' people up for money for stuff like cheer camp and track and stuff like that?" And then it occured to me that I am STUCK in such a weird age between 16 and 30... Maybe this thought just came to my mind because my birthday is in a month and I am terrified of being closer to 30. But SERIOUSLY! I still feel like I am 16 but only smarter (hehe)... I have some of the responsibilities of 30 year olds (house, husband, etc). I can relate more to the 16 year olds because I was just there but I can't really relate to the 30 year olds because I haven't been there yet (and I am not anxious to be there anytime soon).  Its like in relief society the majority of the women in there at 30+ years older than I am!!! I mean... where do I FIT IN!? I don't fit in with the teeny-boppers anymore but I am not quite ready to be considered a full blown adult yet. I mean, I am the cool adult like figure who still wants to go skydiving and has good style and stuff... RIGHT?

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