Friday, January 29, 2010


The month of February is basically my favorite month of the whole year except for December! And not just because its my birthday month :-) Although it is part of it because in my family we celebrate birthday "weeks" and sometimes in my case entire birthday "months" hehe but I love Febraury for more than just that. I like to celebrate all the February holidays! Like ground hog day! Did you know that that holiday is not even listed on the calendar I have at work! I was shocked! But anyway I am excited for groud hog day (feb 2nd) not that it matters much in Cali whether winter lasts longer because there is little temperature difference between winter and spring here but I think its fun to know if the ground hog see's his shadow or not :-) Another favorite Holiday is VALENTINE'S DAY! Okay so yes we are supposed to celebrate our love everyday of the year but I love it because PINK is everywhere HAHAHA And it gives us an opportunity to show love to people who may not know we love them- not in a romantic way but in an endearing way! For example I adore the girls that I work with but I don't tell them I love them haha but I can do something fun and special for them! Also I can show the kids in my Sunday school class that I love them and the list goes on and on! Also I love to surprise Devin :-) So Valentine's Day is a perfect day for that! I have a few ideas as to what I am going to do for him but I haven't quite decided yet! Last year Dev took m to Santa Barbara and we ate at Ruth's Chris. He also bought me the entire series of these Shopaholic books that I wanted and he had my wedding dress cleaned for me! It was super sweet. And he let me to into Tiffany's and drool over diamonds and also the LV store to drool over leather haha. But this year Dev has a boyscout campout that weekend and Valentine's Day is on a Sunday... so we haven't totally decided what we are going to do yet. But I have decided on something that I want for Valentine's Day/Birthday... make fun of me all you want! :-)

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