Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Bummer :-(

So today was just kind of a bummer day for me. Work was alright in the morning but then the afternoon progressed with cranky patient who want their meds and grumpy co-workers, rain, jerky ambulance guys, and to put the cherry on top... Devin dropped the bomb that we won't be able to go to Hawaii when we had originally planned. THAT news just kind of tipped me over the edge. We have already re-scheduled this trip from the original date in October. We couldn't go in October because we were FINALLY closing on our house and of course the week we were closing was the week we were supposed to be in Hawaii... Needless to say we could not be in Hawaii when our house was closing. So then we decided that the frist week in March would be the perfect time to go.... and I asked for the time off MONTHS ago and Dev can't ask for time off until about 30 days ahead of time. So then today... Dev finds out that he has been chosen for some kind of team thingy and his lauches have been rescheduled. So he can't get time off until APRIL!!! Devin keeps telling me "it's not like we aren't going to go" and I feel like its just empty promises because I feel like we are canceling plans all the time and I am being let down alot. Like on our anniversary we were supposed to go to San Diego but Devin had court marshall duty and I ended up spending the day completey alone. I know Devin's job is crazy and I need to be more understanding about it sometimes because I am not in the military and I don't understand what its like to not be able to ask for time off like a regular person. I shouldn't complain because its only a stupid trip. My husband is good to me. He always says "you can have whatever you like". And he means it! He takes care of me and he loves me even when I am frustrated. He puts up with my obsession with pink (which is hard to do) and he puts up with me hogging the bathroom and the closet in the mornings. He does his best to help me around the house and he cooks dinner for me when he gets home first. He tells me I'm beautiful when I have no makeup on and when I feel fat and gross haha. I am sure he is as disappointed (if not more so) than I am. Devin told me that he can never make plans or promises of plans because of his job and that is really hard for me to understand but I am going to work on it! That is another goal to add to my list.... Be more understanding of Devin's obligation to his job. I love my husband so much and he is such a great man and friend. I am so lucky to have him because he can make me smile and laugh when I am soooo not happy haha. I love you Devin and thank you for always taking care of me and I am sorry I was frustrated about not being able to go on a stupid trip and that it was only postponed for a few weeks. Dear Hawaii- we will see you someday... Hopefully in April! Love Devin and Whitney

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