Friday, January 29, 2010


The month of February is basically my favorite month of the whole year except for December! And not just because its my birthday month :-) Although it is part of it because in my family we celebrate birthday "weeks" and sometimes in my case entire birthday "months" hehe but I love Febraury for more than just that. I like to celebrate all the February holidays! Like ground hog day! Did you know that that holiday is not even listed on the calendar I have at work! I was shocked! But anyway I am excited for groud hog day (feb 2nd) not that it matters much in Cali whether winter lasts longer because there is little temperature difference between winter and spring here but I think its fun to know if the ground hog see's his shadow or not :-) Another favorite Holiday is VALENTINE'S DAY! Okay so yes we are supposed to celebrate our love everyday of the year but I love it because PINK is everywhere HAHAHA And it gives us an opportunity to show love to people who may not know we love them- not in a romantic way but in an endearing way! For example I adore the girls that I work with but I don't tell them I love them haha but I can do something fun and special for them! Also I can show the kids in my Sunday school class that I love them and the list goes on and on! Also I love to surprise Devin :-) So Valentine's Day is a perfect day for that! I have a few ideas as to what I am going to do for him but I haven't quite decided yet! Last year Dev took m to Santa Barbara and we ate at Ruth's Chris. He also bought me the entire series of these Shopaholic books that I wanted and he had my wedding dress cleaned for me! It was super sweet. And he let me to into Tiffany's and drool over diamonds and also the LV store to drool over leather haha. But this year Dev has a boyscout campout that weekend and Valentine's Day is on a Sunday... so we haven't totally decided what we are going to do yet. But I have decided on something that I want for Valentine's Day/Birthday... make fun of me all you want! :-)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

In the Middle

So today this random thought came to me today. Yesterday Megan (one of the kids in my sunday school class) asked me if I wanted to buy Valentine's day cookies to help her out with girls camp stuff. Of course I said yes but then I thought "wait a minute, wasn't it just yesterday that I was hittin' people up for money for stuff like cheer camp and track and stuff like that?" And then it occured to me that I am STUCK in such a weird age between 16 and 30... Maybe this thought just came to my mind because my birthday is in a month and I am terrified of being closer to 30. But SERIOUSLY! I still feel like I am 16 but only smarter (hehe)... I have some of the responsibilities of 30 year olds (house, husband, etc). I can relate more to the 16 year olds because I was just there but I can't really relate to the 30 year olds because I haven't been there yet (and I am not anxious to be there anytime soon).  Its like in relief society the majority of the women in there at 30+ years older than I am!!! I mean... where do I FIT IN!? I don't fit in with the teeny-boppers anymore but I am not quite ready to be considered a full blown adult yet. I mean, I am the cool adult like figure who still wants to go skydiving and has good style and stuff... RIGHT?

Saturday, January 23, 2010

You spin me right around

So I work in a building with other offices and one of the places we have in our building is a gym! AKA Athlon. Our office gets FREE gym memberships! How cool is that? For awhile the girls and I would go during our lunch break and do their noon classes. They had Zumba, Boot camp, Cardio, and Yolates. But then we started being the only ones who would go and the gym wasn't getting paid for us to take the classes (because we go for free) so they did away with the noon classes! We were all shocked and very sad! But just a few weeks ago they started having bootcamp again on Wednesdays. But Brandee (my friend at work) is a hard core work-outer (hehe). And so for the past few weeks on Fridays she, Emily, and Laura (other friends at work) have gone to the 6 am spin class... Um excuse me did you hear me... 6 AM! Sheesh! They all went and said that it was such a good workout so I decided to go this week. I live about 40 minutes away from the gym/work so I had to wake up at about 4:45! When I got there, there was already someone in the class riding one of the bikes. He looked scary! He has tons of tats, gaged ears, and a yellow spandex biking suit on. I thought "if that is our instructor, I don't know if I will walk away from this!" Haha so Brandee and I go into spin class and guess who gets to sit next to scary spandex guy!? ME! So I get on the bike and then I realize that I have to adjust the seat so I get off and the pedals totally keep moving and scrape my leg and take a chunk of skin off! WHY!? That happened to me LAST time I was on a bike only that one WASN'T stationary! Really cute Whitney. So anyway... I am trying to adjust the seat and the stupid thing will not move! And class is starting... so scary yellow spandex man has to come over and help me and he acts like its no big deal to adjust the seat... but HE couldn't get it to move either at first! Anyway so class starts and 5 mintues into it I am ALREADY getting my butt kicked! I'm sweating and panting and trying to keep up with everyone else! I look over and Brandee and she hasn't even broken a sweat yet! And then I feel something stinging on my leg... so I look down and I realize that I am bleeding! Yep... bleeding in front of Brandee who HATES blood! But I don't want to stop because I don't want to seem like I can't handle the class because I am not a whimp! So I keep going PRAYING that Brandee won't look over at my leg and faint during class! Luckily she didn't look or faint and I survived spin class :-) It was an awesome workout and I am totally going to do it again. After spin I went to yoga and it was so nice to push myself really hard and then stretch it out. Then I went on the treadmill for 50 minutes. That was the most time I have EVER spent at the gym and it was awesome! But I was super tired. I was out by 8 last night haha poor Devin! He comes home ready for a fun Friday night and I am exsausted! But anyway- sorry I tend to write long posts about things that aren't really important. Last night we went and ate Sushi with my parents and then everyone else watched Transformers while I slept on the floor hehe.

                          This is what I started my fun filled Friday with :-)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Bummer :-(

So today was just kind of a bummer day for me. Work was alright in the morning but then the afternoon progressed with cranky patient who want their meds and grumpy co-workers, rain, jerky ambulance guys, and to put the cherry on top... Devin dropped the bomb that we won't be able to go to Hawaii when we had originally planned. THAT news just kind of tipped me over the edge. We have already re-scheduled this trip from the original date in October. We couldn't go in October because we were FINALLY closing on our house and of course the week we were closing was the week we were supposed to be in Hawaii... Needless to say we could not be in Hawaii when our house was closing. So then we decided that the frist week in March would be the perfect time to go.... and I asked for the time off MONTHS ago and Dev can't ask for time off until about 30 days ahead of time. So then today... Dev finds out that he has been chosen for some kind of team thingy and his lauches have been rescheduled. So he can't get time off until APRIL!!! Devin keeps telling me "it's not like we aren't going to go" and I feel like its just empty promises because I feel like we are canceling plans all the time and I am being let down alot. Like on our anniversary we were supposed to go to San Diego but Devin had court marshall duty and I ended up spending the day completey alone. I know Devin's job is crazy and I need to be more understanding about it sometimes because I am not in the military and I don't understand what its like to not be able to ask for time off like a regular person. I shouldn't complain because its only a stupid trip. My husband is good to me. He always says "you can have whatever you like". And he means it! He takes care of me and he loves me even when I am frustrated. He puts up with my obsession with pink (which is hard to do) and he puts up with me hogging the bathroom and the closet in the mornings. He does his best to help me around the house and he cooks dinner for me when he gets home first. He tells me I'm beautiful when I have no makeup on and when I feel fat and gross haha. I am sure he is as disappointed (if not more so) than I am. Devin told me that he can never make plans or promises of plans because of his job and that is really hard for me to understand but I am going to work on it! That is another goal to add to my list.... Be more understanding of Devin's obligation to his job. I love my husband so much and he is such a great man and friend. I am so lucky to have him because he can make me smile and laugh when I am soooo not happy haha. I love you Devin and thank you for always taking care of me and I am sorry I was frustrated about not being able to go on a stupid trip and that it was only postponed for a few weeks. Dear Hawaii- we will see you someday... Hopefully in April! Love Devin and Whitney

Friday, January 15, 2010

A brand new year

So with this new year I have of course come up with resolutions. But for me atleast my were directed to what I want to get DONE this year and not just hopefull wishes of losing weight. Most people want to eat healthier or give up chocolate or something like that. Lately Devin and I have been getting questions from our friends and family as to when we will have kids. I mean... we have only been married a year! Slow down! I want us to enjoy our time together being a couple and being young before we add another member to our family. So here are some of our goals for this year.

1. Finish school! I am getting my bachelor's degree in Health Science. It is taking me a little bit longer t finish because I switched majors. My old major was Elementary Ed. Then I worked at a pre-school and I realized that that is NOT what I want to do for the REST of my life! I have ALWAYS wanted to be a doctor. So I am supposed to graduate around August from Touro University (depending on how many classes I take each semester) with a Bachelor's degree and a certificate in Nutrition.

2. Do WELL in school! Devin finished his master's degree a few months back and now he is taking classes for his 2nd master's degree! He is so smart! He is my rocket scientist :-) We always joke that I should become a brain surgery so that when we have kids and they tell us that things are too hard we can say "well its not rocket science" or "its not brain surgery" hehehe while Devin IS a rocket scientist I don't want to be a brain surgeon because they look and feel gross...

3. Workout ATLEAST 3 times a week! I know I know... something thats easy to break but I did it last year and I know I can do it this year too! Usually I workout about 5 times a week but I set the goal at 3 because I left a little cushion for vacations and stuff.

4. Read our scriptures and pray together everyday! We did okay on this last year but we decided that we need to be better at it. We also want to read together the Book of Mormon from cover to cover this year.

5. Do more things outside! I think we have just been so couped up in our house lately painting and moving stuff in and fixing it up the way we want that we miss doing things outside! Even if its just a walk. We really want to go hiking more and camping. We plan on going and doing Half Dome in August! And Devin has vowed to teach me how to rock climb!!!!

When Devin and I were driving back home after Christmas we set our goals and talked about our future plans. With all of the baby questions we sort of decided when we would want to start a family... but aren't telling! Then we decided on some things that we/I want to do before we start having kids.

1. Sky Dive! I soooooo want to do this before we have kids! I am scared to do it but thats what makes it FUN! Devin has done it before so its not new for him...  wanted to do it for my birthday but we will be in Hawaii... maybe I will do it there. Hopefully I won't chicken out hahaha

2. Learn guitar! I have wanted to learn the guitar for forever! Devin and I decided that once our schedules have settled down that we will take guitar together.

3. Travel! Okay this might seem like a selfish thing to want before we have kids but honestly I don't know how much traveling we will be able to do once we have kids. We don't want to necessarily travel the world but there are places that we want to go! Here is what is on our list.

Hawaii- we are going at the end of February/first of March
Seattle- Devin's sister lives there and we want to visit her
San Francisco- I have only been there once! We plan on going for Dev's birthday
North Carolina- The majority of my family lives there and its hard to see them alot
New York- Devin served his mission there and I want to go see the CITY!
Italy- I REALLY want to go to Italy. Devin says we can by way of Germany :-)
Europe- I want to atleast go to London and Paris. Maybe for graduation? hehe
Japan- I don't really have a burning desire to go here but Dev thinks it would be cool to go
Tahoe- We are going in a few weeks!!!
Yosemite- August!

I don't think thats TOO long of a list. Some of those are MUST HAVES and other are it would be nice to go. In the mean time Devin and I are just working and doing classes and working on our cute little house :-) I am so thankful for all that we have and that I have a fantastic husband who supports me and loves me no matter what! My mom used to ask me if I would be happy being poor and not having everything I want and I would always tell her that I would always have everything I need. And its so true! My needs are always met. I have the best husband ever, I have a good job, and a beautiful home.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A few of my (maybe) favorite things!

Rebok easy tone!!!

So I have a few things on my "want" list. We ALL have them. Little, big, expensive, inexpensive... don't try to lie you know you have them too! So here is what I am obsessing over right at this moment!....

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Is anyone out there?

Hello out there :-) I know I am talking to myself because we have no followers but thats okay- its a good place to journal life... obiviously I am VERY good at that ;-) The Holidays came and went all to quickly and now its back to life as usual. Christmas was fun because we spent it with Devin's family in New Mexico. I got to go ice skating and play in the snow and meet lots of Devin's extended family and friends. We spent the new year eating junk food (pizza, truffles... all the good stuff) and painting the back room in our house. Our house is starting to feel more like our home rather than a big project. I am still trying to figure out what furniture I want in our loft but that will come once the rest of our rooms get situated. I am trying to decide between a love sac (a big bean bag couch thing) or just a normal couch. We would make it into a game room except that we have our giant TV in there... anyway enough about that! One of our new year resolutions is to do our traveling within this next year/year and a half. After that we will probably start trying to have kids ( I know BIG shock! haha)... but we might wait a little longer than that but thats the plan for now. A lot of our friends are having kids right now but we are still young and we want to enjoy being together and traveling before we have a new addition. We are just trying to keep a plant alive for now ;-) First on our list for traveling is to Lake Tahoe. We will be doing that here within the next few weeks. Next on our list is Hawaii. We will be going there at the end of February. More things that are on our list but not totally currently planned are San Francisco (probs for Dev's b-day), Las Vegas, Seattle, Half Dome (sometime in August), North Carolina, New York, Italy and Europe... and Devin wants to go to Japan! Who knows if we will cross ALL of those off of our list but hopefully we will! As another year closes and another one begins Devin and I look forward to this brand new year ahead and we look back on our first year of marriage with fond memories (and some not so fun ones too hehe) but our lives are filled with blessings and we are thankful for what we have!