Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Little House on the Prairie!

So a lot of things have happened.. haha I am not very goot at keeping a blog obviously and I have NO followers... BUT I am going to try and do better. So Devin and I bought our very first home! I think the funniest thing is when people expect us to just be living in a one story or a condo... but NOPE we live in a nice neighborhood in a nice 2 story house and we got it for a great price! We are very blessed to be so young and to be able to afford a home. I am very excited to continue to decorate and have many memories in our lovely new home! We had our first Thanksgiving in our new home and now we have our Christmas decorations up and its starting to really feel like home. Devin just got a new calling at church- he is now the 1st counselor in the young men's presidency. And I teach the 14 year olds... its challenging but fun at times. Devin and I both keep busy with school and work and church. We are going to be Mary and Joseph in the live Nativity this weekend haha that should be fun! Anyway maybe this blog thing will work... and maybe it won't but I am going to try to document our memories.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

You'll always be my Thunder!

So Tuesday night after Devin and I got home from work we decided to make some soup and grilled cheese for dinner. Well we actually ended up making grilled pepperjack with pastrami and jumbalya (YUM!) Well while we were cooking, we see a flash of light outside! We both thought "what the heck was that!?" and then we HEARD it! It was the LOUDEST thunder I have EVER heard. Our dog Maggie was scared. So then of course we did the dumbest thing by going outside to check it out :-) We ended up sitting by the door cuddled up with a blanket, eating our dinner and watching the rain and listening to the thunder <3